4 unknown accessories so you don’t miss your next bivouac

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Our Vetsecurity.com online store offers many references of survival and bivouac products. Among all these products we have made a small selection of 4 unusual products which will become essential for your next outings in nature.

The filter straw

This accessory is a technological revolution. This straw is used to filter 99.9% bacteria and viruses and make the water potable instantly. It allows you to purify water up to 1000 liters before having to change the filter.

This brand product Lifestraw is Ultra-light, and therefore ideal for hikes, trips and emergencies.

We offer a second model of the brand Highlander which is of very good quality, since it is designed and patented to resist impact.

The multifunction card

Planning your equipment for a bivouac trip is quite complicated. Sometimes you have to limit yourself to certain accessories because it is impossible to take all his equipment. You have to be efficient and choose the most compact and efficient tools possible. What could be better than a multifunction card for this? to avoid filling your bag with bulky utensils.

This accessory in stainless steel is the same size as a bank card. It can then be easily stored in a wallet.

He will be able to render you many services thanks to these different characteristics :

The fire starter survival lace

Having a means of making a fire during a bivouac is essential. Very often, the followers of bivouacs use fire starters. This type of product is generally not too bulky, which is an advantage. But this type of accessory gets lost very easily. The fire starter that we present here is integrated into a lace. Rather original, it allows above all to always have a fire starter on you: impossible to lose it.

The gas cartridge weighs

What could be more frustrating than eating a cold meal because the stove gas cartridge is empty ? With the cartridge scale, you can measure the remaining quantity of your cartridges (sold on Vetsecurity) which are already started. So, no unpleasant surprises once there. It can also serve as travel scale.

You will be able to facilitate your task and benefit from a certain comfort at your camp.

Find the entire selection of accessories on the site Vetsécurité.com as well as thousands of other products.