Molinel at the service of catering

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Specialist in work clothes since 1845, the Molinel brand has long been recognized in the equipment of professionals construction, craftsmanship and of industry. Its range of high visibility clothing, special weatherproof softshells and work pants is also widely represented on our site. However, we will present you here the work clothes for the kitchen and the Room service that the manufacturer offers. It is indeed the other speciality of the Molinel brand for many years now.

The Molinel brand makes it a point of honor that all of its products meet the requirements of professionals. Tested and approved by restaurateurs, these work clothes are designed to combine comfort and practicality. Whether intended for cooks or room service professionals, Molinel clothing and accessories are customizable and suitable for all body types. The objective is to offer outfits of high technicality, reliable in all circumstances and sufficiently comfortable to facilitate the task of restaurateurs.

Kitchen outfits

In order to meet the expectations of players in the catering industry as closely as possible, Molinel has developed very distinct ranges of clothing depending on the specialty. In terms of kitchen outfits, the manufacturer knows that professionals are demanding perfectionists who value quality. Resistant and comfortable, kitchen jackets are generally offered in a predominantly white or black color, with discreet color additions on the sleeves and collar. This is the case, for example, with the Ajik and Néospirit kitchen jackets which are available in female / male versions to long sleeves or to short sleeves. Easy to maintain, these jackets have a officer collar Available in different colors and close with hidden pressures. The must-have remains the traditional white chef’s jacket with short sleeves. In a completely different style, the black Blake jacket with gray cap buttons has a double-compartment pen pocket on the sleeve and combines theelegance and practicality. Entirely white or black, the Zef jacket focuses on a look modern and structured with a geometric cutout in the back honeycomb mesh. For a more lively touch, bet more on the Shade jacket and its many colorful variations.

Strong and resistant, kitchen pants man ensure great freedom of movement. This is the case of the PBO3 model with its slanted pockets and elasticated waistband. Women can opt for the City pants which have an invisible zipper on the side and a slim straight cut. The manufacturer also offers mixed chino pants, appreciated for their slim cut and their properties stretch. The cook’s regulatory attire also involves wearing a Touch or a calotor even a black or white kitchen cap adjustable by Velcro.

Food professions

Food trades are, among others, caterers, bakers and butchers. Very specific work clothes guaranteeing comfort and protection are particularly intended for them because their work is often carried out in difficult conditions. Equipped with an elasticated mesh waistband and multiple discreet pockets, the Flex’r pants are available in many variations, including an original black and white checked model. The Promyse and Slack chino cut pants are also ideal for the food industry. In terms of jacket, the black and red Néospirit with winding sleeves remains a must. With a design close to the beret, the cap dedicated to the catering trade has a bactericidal mesh insert at the back, a reinforced visor and an anti-sweat band. It can be matched with a butcher’s apron or a more classic apron like the NELL model which exists in multiple colors. There are also at Molinel authentic bib aprons made of genuine leather.

Room service

Practices and trends, service outfits Molinel allow great freedom of movement. Elegant and fitted, vests, jackets and shirts are available in black, white or gray for the men and women responsible for room service. They can be embellished with accessories such as a bow tie, a waiter’s batten (white towel), an apron belt, a tie or a plain scarf. Mixed and easy to clean, the Dan 88 service apron has a large double-compartment front pocket and a pocket for a bottle opener, notebook or even a pen. Sold in sets of 2, chef & waiter aprons are another Molinel signature.