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VASTY is a site for the sale of professional equipment and clothing for National Gendarmerie, created the May 5, 2011 through Paul BOYE technologies.

The purpose of this site is to offer equipment intended for the National Gendarmerie to professional rates. To use the site, you must communicate your NIGEND (Gendarme Identification Number) in order to identify you.

The Paul Boyer Technologies company supplies French gendarmes with clothing and staffing equipment. The company manufactures up to 40% of the clothing and buys the rest such as shoes, headdresses, etc. This contract concerns French law enforcement agencies, which requires meeting very strict specifications in order to be able to participate in the call for tenders. The latest represents a market of 248 million euros, all spread over four years, the next being in 2022.


We are now able to provide you with an alternative to the site GOODY. In fact, wherever you are, you can now get the equipment and clothes which you need. Indeed, SELF DEFENSE TECHNIQUE offers additions to endowment products, like the belts, the holsters, the vests, etc. Do you have a need during a mission? Do not worry, we are able to deliver to you in HUB Army around the world.

Enjoy a quick delivery, a very wide selection of products, all at unbeatable prices. Most major tactical brands are present on our site and we are constantly at your disposal in order to develop our ranges according to your needs !

In addition, we have several tens of thousands of references in stock in order to ensure express delivery, without any setback. Are you looking for winter clothes, summer clothes, or even for the half season? Many references are available on our online store.

As on VETIGEND you will find a wide choice of products related to the different specialties: Departmental Gendarmerie, Mobile Gendarmerie, Dog handler, BMO, etc.

The sale of products is also checked on SELF DEFENSE TECHNIQUE, a delivery to barracks or one ID number will be required in order to obtain products subject to conditions, such as Gendarmerie badges, or even clothing such as polos gendarmerie, tee-shirts gendarmerie and jackets of the same type, printed or embroidered according to your section.