Protection of GPSR travelers

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the Network Protection and Security Group (GPSR) corresponds to the RATP security group created on November 1, 1994.

Its mission is surveillance, the protection of passers-by and you staff across all networks managed by the company. The agents are sworn in and holders of the authorization to carry category B weapons (handguns, electric pulse weapons and tear gas bombs) and category D (weapons with free acquisition and possession) approved by the district Attorney.

They have the power to ascertainment and of verbalization of offenses. Their presence reassures and offers a feeling of security to travelers. They work externally with many partners such as firefighters and the gendarmerie. They are equipped with XDM-9 pistols and have Radar brand holsters.

What are the missions of the GPSR?

The main missions of the GPSR are :

Protect property and people circulating on the Ile-de-France network

– Guarantee the security and the service quality

To struggle against against fraud

– Participate in security actions in partnership with the Transport Police

They contribute to the security travelers by their presence, their speed intervention and their adaptability while remaining vigilant in the event of an incident. They fight against fraud by patrolling in front of the gantries and guarantee security by their presence and their rounds in the sector to which they are assigned. They are qualified to answer users’ questions or inform them of recent incidents that may have occurred in their surveillance areas.

What are the missions?

What is the training?

To enter the GPSR, you have to go through a training center in order to follow a theoretical training and convenient in alternation of 15 weeks to acquire the trade qualification. Must also :

– Be at least 21 years old and hold a B permit.

– Be in a position to obtain the license to carry a weapon and take an oath.

– A good physical condition.

– Good visual acuity

– A clean criminal record

– A sense of dialogue, argumentation and persuasiveness

– Control and assertiveness

– Good practices for managing conflict situations

– The ability to analyze and step back from a situation

– The ability to anticipate

– The taste for teamwork

A sports event is also included in the training to assess the physical conditions :

– Perform 5 pull-ups for women – 10 for men

– Travel 100 meters in less than 17 “30 for women – 14” 33 for men

– Perform a shot put at 5m56 minimum for women – 6m02 for men

– Cover a 3000 meters in less than 16’43 for the women – 12’54 for the men (elimination round).

What is the training?