Job description: Security guard

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The main function of the security guard is protection of property and people in public or private places. Its mission is also to welcome, monitor and control, while ensuring the safety of citizens.

In the event of an accident or incident, he is responsible for notify the authorities and must participate in rescue operations . In the event of a fire, he must react immediately by giving the alert, warning the firefighters, while supervising the evacuation .

An agent can practice in the fields of airport security , from property protection , from protection of people , from mobile security , from internal security , from conflict management , from fire safety services and he must keep a register for each infraction or usual detail encountered.

It deters and searches for attacks on property, people, but also on information and data in the area it monitors.

The security agents Are the concerts on mobilized, the festivals, the Major Events, but also the stores In, the shopping centers, the airports, … Provide security , the well-being and the integrity of the populations to AVOID all types of overflow.


To become a security guard, some professional obligations must be respected.

In order to exercise, an agent must complete three legal conditions :

– To be of age;

– Have a clean criminal record;

– Hold a professional card issued by the CNAPS and valid for 5 years, which is obtained after a 140 hour training , the CQP – Professional Qualification Certificate.

A security guard must master his concentration as well as his behavior , it can carry out missions of several hours in a row and must remain vigilant to the slightest suspicious movement. A good physical shape is essential because he can sometimes remain standing during his entire mission and must be able to react quickly in the event of an incident.

Some skills are required:

– The patience , the calmed down and the self control . Officers cannot afford to panic and must be able to maintain their composure under all circumstances;

The basics of first aid ;

– Know the different alarm and surveillance equipment;

– To be vigilant , attentive to the smallest detail and know how to spot suspicious changes.

– Autonomy. In the event of a problem, the agents must be able to take the best decision very quickly while respecting the general framework of the instructions;

– Dialogue. They must indeed be able to defuse a dangerous situation by avoiding as much as possible the use of physical contact;

– Know how to show authority;

– An excellent presentation. It is the first image visitors see of the business;

– Respect for the rules. They must respect the legislation and the instructions given by their employer.


L ‘ security agent may specialize in several areas (fire safety officer, site manager, department manager, etc.) depending on their training.

After the CQP APS (Certificate of Professional Qualification of Prevention and Safety Agent) the prospect of training opens up SSIAP .

the SSIAP 1 corresponds to the training of fire safety officer, the SSIAP 2 makes it possible to reach a position of manager or site manager and the SSIAP 3 leads for its part to the functions of head of department.

Another perspective for an agent with a CQP APS , obtain the title of Head of Position, in apprenticeship for example (Bac level), then continue by obtaining a title of Team Leader (level III equivalent BTS) and then become operational director of a profit center specializing in safety (level II equivalent Bac + 3/4).


The salary of a security guard depends on his training and seniority:

– Minimum wage of 1500 € gross per month for a security guard;

– Salary of € 1,565.55 gross for an SSIAP 1 security agent;

– Salary of € 1,779.40 gross for an SSIAP 2 security agent;

– Salary of € 2,614.49 gross for a SSIAP 3 security guard.

By way of example, we suggest you discover some average salaries according to the areas of expertise:

– for a parking attendant position: € 1,774 / month

– for a remote monitoring operator position: € 1,761 / month

– for a security officer position: € 1,633 / month


Some agents must have specific professional qualifications :

Dog handler defense certified for dog officers;

– Certified operator in telesecurity for video surveillance operators;

– Certifications SSIAP 1, 2 or 3 for agents specializing in fire safety.

and they must respect what the profession imposes on agents:

– The respect of the orders of the company of security agents which employs him;

– Customer information on the risks on the site where he operates, general detailed in a book of instructions.

In addition to the possible specializations, the domain of work impacts the type of interventions:

– Security and surveillance missions;

– Access control missions;

– Customer service missions;

– Emergency missions.

The interventions will be adapted to the context and the working environment:

– security guards in public transport ;

– night security guards;

– security guards for events ;

– mobile security guards;

– shopping center security guards;

– hotel security guards ….

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