Diadora: The story of an Italian tradition

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Diadora is a flagship brand from sports world, and also offers the expertise of its know-how to the needs of workwear. Its history is marked by its artisanal origins, its breakthrough in the middle of professional sport and his constant desire toinnovations. Here we are going to rediscover what made Diadora famous until today.

The origins

During the First World War, the soldiers who roamed the Italian mountains quickly needed to be well efficiently equipped to cross the massifs of the country. This is where the young Marcello Danieli, then still too young to enlist, sees his shoemaker skills to be more than welcome. He will shape mountain shoes responding to this great demand.

After the Second World War, on the strength of these achievements, he diadora funds in 1948. This name, meaning in Greek “to share the gifts and the honors”, will be quickly synonymous with excellence first of all with ranges of mountain and ski boots. The brand is starting to be recognized in Italy and in neighboring countries.

Entering the world of sport

In the 60s, Marcello sells his business to his sons Roberto, Diego and Perluigi. The latter will begin the most important turn of the brand by redirecting it towards the running and tennis shoes.

While a football range joins the Diadora footwear panel, the 70s are also witnessing the explosion of professionalization of the sports environment. Diadora finds there a playing card by being one of the pioneers of sports marketing. She will associate her name with great athletes to better enhance its image.

Italian footballer Roberto Bettega, The American tenniswoman Jenifer Capriati, Pat Cash, Andrea Zorzi, Antonio Cabrini, so many stars who will help make Diadora an essential in a majority of sports fields.

In 1984, the brand released one of its most iconic sneakers With l’Heritage. The future of Diadora opens up to new perspectives.

Innovation at the service of workwear

Diadora continue son expansion in the 90’s with the opening of CRD (Diadora Research Center). The group employs shoe technicians, from bioengineering experts (from the Polytechnic of Milan) and orthopedic specialists. Guided by new technologies and innovation, Diadora Utility was born in 1998.

Mountain shoes, sneakers and tennis shoes for sports professionals, and now work shoes. The brand creates his first safety boots. She will now seek to translate your sneaker expertise to meet the needs of safety shoes.

In 2009, Diadora is acquired by Geox. Moretti Polegato, the person in charge of famous breathable sneakers, becomes the leader of Diadora. This union strengthens the brand which continues its momentum in the field of technological research.

Remarkable models of safety shoes are born from this alliance. The D-jump, which is inspired by the model B.Elite, sponsored at the time by the legend of tennis Björn Borg. The D-blitz, the Glove, a range that combinessporty and iconic aesthetic of the brand with the protection requirements of the safety shoe.

Diadora technologies

Today, Diadora continues to apply its expertise and know-how to offer a wide range of professional shoes and clothing that push the boundaries of comfort and technicality.

From many technologies registered that make the reputation of Diadora, we can highlight one in particular with the Breathing System developped by Geox. It is distinguished by a special breathable and waterproof membrane which effectively wicks away perspiration. It can be found, for example, in shoes RUN NET AIRBOX or the jacket LIGHT PADDED JACKET TECH.

Of its modest beginnings of craftsmen until becoming a important representative of sport and workwear, Diadora to her garder a pioneer spirit throughout its history. The brand has evolved with the times to become a unavoidable. Whatever your professional background or your needs, there is bound to be a Diadora product that will suit you perfectly.

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Photo credits: www.diadora.com