Airsoft: How to be a sniper?

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As you may have read in our previous articles, airsoft scenarios are variable, as the techniques of play. There are many styles of play and the lines to choose will depend on your practice. We will discuss the theme of sniper, more commonly called the sniper.

During an airsoft game, the sniper is usually one of the team members who perform the fewest eliminations. To embody this role, it is essential to demonstrate great patience. If you are looking for maximum action, this is a playstyle that may not be right for you. The sniper sometimes has to stay hidden for a long time before a target appears in its sights. This is why the information gathering as well as the study of the ground is essential. A well positioned sniper with a good angle of fire will play a major role during your parties.

Moreover even if your main role will require you to be static, this does not prevent you from having to carry out shifts. That is why it is important not to neglect your secondary weapon. Consider getting a handgun, which will allow you to take out an opponent at short and medium range when your sniper rifle will not be able to perform this task. Head mainly to a semi-automatic pistol see automatic with sufficient ammunition in order to use it. You can also change the configuration of your weapon to suit your needs. For a sniper there are many accessories such as a bipied or a precision bezel.

The sniper’s equipment of choice will be above all based on his technique to blend into the background. Let’s talk about the ghillie, which is a terribly effective outfit when practicing this style of play. It will allow you to camouflage your shapes and colors according to the surroundings. Don’t neglect the camouflage your sniper rifle, which can also be fitted with a ghillie. In addition you can also customize the appearance of your replicas using spray paint so that your camouflage is all the more effective.

In conclusion, to become a real sniper, you will have to adapt to all situations such as changing your ghillie outfit depending on the terrain where you are positioned for example. It will also be essential for you to have a time ahead on your opponent. The preparation of one or more evacuation routes will allow you to escape to cover if you are spotted. First of all, don’t forget that teammates are with you, your role will also be to protect them and to ensure that they can progress effectively.