How to maintain your rangers?

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Ultra resistant, comfortable and ensuring optimal protection of the feet, rangers are the military’s best allies during training, long marches or OPEX missions. So the military wear these shoes daily by putting them to the test (mud, snow, debris, dust, etc.). Because of their use, their value and the image that a worn pair of rangers can give, it is essential to maintain them to guarantee them a good lifespan!
Good maintenance of its rangers requires 3 steps: cleaning, waxing and drying.

How to clean your rangers?

Before waxing your rangers, it is essential to clean thoroughly. Indeed, a good cleaning makes it possible to prepare well for the next step. First, use a soft cloth to quickly dust off the shoe. Then, using a brush with stiff bristles, clean them with a little lukewarm water in order to remove the remaining soil residue.

For waxing, use a suitable wax to apply with a brush (different from the one for cleaning). Let them dry naturally before buffing with a cloth or pantyhose until a uniform shine is obtained while removing the excess leather.

Some tips for the maintenance of its rangers or intervention shoes …

– Before waxing your rangers, you can apply moisturizing milk in order to nourish the leather in depth,
– Wait until the shoe is dry before waxing it,
– Wax the intervention shoes with a suitable shoe polish,
– Above all, do not dry the rangers in the sun or with a hair dryer so as not to crack the leather,
– Apply a product “water-stop” if you use your rangers in particularly wet terrain,
– Finally, favor daily cleaning!

You can also opt for a cleaning kit special rangers that will facilitate the maintenance of your rangers if you run out of time!

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