French Army and “Combatant 2020” project

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Since many years the military French ask for an evolution of their tactical equipment. Equipment plays a central role in a soldier’s outfit.

Since the 2015 attacks and faced with the terrorist threat in France, military must be more mobile, better protected and must be able to communicate at all times with other deployed units. This is why theLand Force explains the need to regularly evolve l’EIC (individual combatant equipment).

French military in operation

What is the project ” fighter 2020 » ?

In line with the military programming law (LPM) 2019-2025, the project “ fighter 2020 ” put it on soldier at the center of the reflection. This project is the first step in a series of developments which should in the short term improve the daily life of the soldier as well as its effectiveness.

Fighter 2020

Something new for the ” fighter 2020 »

The new outfit of the project ” fighter 2020 »Will consist of a new F3 model trellis in summer and winter version and also in two colors, central europe camouflage and desert camouflage.

It will quickly replace the FELIN outfit (Infantryman with Integrated Equipment and Links).

This new trellis will be more suitable to the missions of our soldiers, thanks to a tear-resistant ripstop fabric but also in kermel to resist fire.

In addition to the fatigues, the Military will be equipped with a new individual MOLLE vest which can adapt to all types of missions. This modular ballistic vest, will withstand impact from 7.62mm caliber projectiles.

Sentinel Force Military

Images: Army source.