HK416 F

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the HK416 has been selected to gradually replace the FAMAS after several months of tests in real situation and studies of the various logistics chains offered by competing companies. The company Heckler & Koch was chosen, thus winning a contract valued between 300 and 400 million euros over several years.

The choice of the HK 416 is undoubtedly a pragmatic and common sense choice, and we can bet that given the harshness of the tests undergone, it is without a doubt the best of the five which was chosen. Namely, that the choice had to be made between the HK416 and the following models: Beretta ARX 160, the FN Herstal SCAR-L, the HS Product and VHS SIG-553.

HK416 F

Army 2021

The HK 416 has a 5.56mm NATO caliber.

It is also equipped with adjustable stock and butt heels adapting to the morphology of the shooters.

Two versions will equip the soldiers. The version standard de 90 cm will be able to accommodate a bayonet and carry out rifle grenade fire for dismounted units and the short version of 80 cm will equip the on-board fighters. The two weapons will be strictly identical : adjustable strap, 4 Picatinny rails that can accommodate all the accessories for a 30,000 shots lifespan without degradation of accuracy.

Why change weapon?

The Famas was made by the Saint-Etienne weapons factory which closed its doors in 2001. The Famas is still maintained, but it is no longer manufactured at all.

It’s a weapon difficult, dear at maintain and complicated to repair if it were to be damaged. This weapon sees its advantages turn into disadvantages: its reduced size, its handguard with integrated handle prevents any “upgrade”. It is impossible to add a tactical grip, a laser designator, a recoil absorption stock, a cheek piece, a 40mm grenade launcher or even a simple rifle scope. There are adapters for these accessories, but above all, a major fault remains present: its capacity to munition.