Focus on the profession of landscaper

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The profession of landscaper

the landscaper aims to shape public places like parks, or private places like company terraces. He has some notions of gardening, but he is mainly specialized in the design and realization of green spaces. It is also he who will plant the plants and make changes if necessary. We must not confuse the profession of gardener and landscaper, they are two different things. The gardener then comes to work in order to take care of the maintenance of the plants.

It must be taken into account that the vegetation and the architectures created by the landscaper vary according to the seasons, this requires permanent monitoring and calls for creativity in order to continually adapt to the evolution of plants.

The landscaper also carries out technical files in order to keep administrative follow-ups to confirm his potentially feasible projects, financially and legally, that is why he really pays attention to the legal clauses, tender regulations, act of ‘commitment, earthworks plans, plan of irrigation networks.

This job requires a lot of responsibility. Indeed, during the first visit to a company, an agglomeration and a public place, the first image is very important, which is why the landscaper must do everything in its power to ensure that this first glimpse is flawless.

He can also give advice, collaborate with architects and engineers during work on larger sites. He can also call on botanists, gardeners and horticulturalists to have more details on the vegetation he wishes to exhibit.

What tools are used?

The landscaper has several tools to achieve his creations. Most of the time, the landscaper uses drawing software specially dedicated to this type of achievement, or else using a more manual technique, the sketch.

Before planting your plants, you must clean the ground by providing yourself with several motorized devices:

  • A mower: Before any addition of plant, it is essential to mow your lawn, so that your soil is clean and organized. There are petrol mowers perfectly suited for this activity.

The landscaper also has manual tools to carry out the work and plant the plants:

  • The serfouette: This tool is intended for scratching, digging and aerating the soil.

  • The pickaxe: It is a very useful tool for mining or earthworks. You will use it to weed and clean the soil.

  • The spade: Its purpose is to hoe the feet of plants.

  • Hoe: As its name suggests, the hoe is mainly used for hoeing.

  • The rake: It is one of the main tools for any landscaper. It will be used to collect the leaves and dead branches mainly.

Here are the planting tools:

  • The transplanter: It is a small shovel for sowing large seeds.

  • The line: It is very important to create hedges or rows with precision.

  • The planter shovel: It is a useful tool when sowing.

Which outfit to choose?

The landscaper must imperatively have in his possession protective clothing in the field, it is also recommended to have maximum accessibility, to these tools for example, for simplified and efficient work.

Regarding the top, opt for the Serpe bodywarmer vest from the brand LMA, it has several pockets to store your most useful tools and accessories. It is also very robust and its absence of handle will guarantee you a very good freedom of movement. You can associate it with the brand’s black t-shirt Blaklader below for more comfort.

The bottom may vary depending on the climate as well as your missions. In cold weather, it is preferable to wear pants with the same functions as the jacket. That is to say to be equipped with several pockets, very comfortable and robust. Like the Chelsy pants from home Helly Hansen. You can also take Bermuda shorts during the hot seasons, such as the brand’s Hugues work shorts. North Ways. It has several reinforcements and several pockets to store your equipment.

Which PPE to choose?

In the field, it is imperative that you wear EPI in order to ensure high security. We have available the A120 protective gloves of the brand Portwest, to avoid cuts, contamination with chemicals and handling plants. You will also need a helmet if you need to go to construction sites. The Endurance safety helmet will be perfect for your protection. If you use power tools, you must equip yourself with the Pheos helmet from home Uvex, in order to protect you from all projections, noise and secure your head.

To ensure good foot protection, safety shoes are very important to eliminate all risks. The brand Helly Hansen designed the Chelsea Evolution Mid safety shoes. They have the standard ISO EN 20345 S3, which means it has a coating, anti-static, water resistant, oil resistant, anti-puncture, shock absorption and a shell toe cap. If you want to equip yourself with an even more powerful pair for the winter season, you can find the Lined safety boots of the brand Dunlop.