HASSON presentation: The elegance of service and well-being

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The Collections HASSON of the brand MOLINEL are unmissable for the professionals from personal care, from well-being, from aesthetics or those working in communities. Those are elegant work clothes to modern style and to contemporary colors. HASSON provides female models (with also matching outfits for men) which combine comfort, usefulness and allure. Today let’s take a look at some of the flagship products of the brand.

For the care and well-being professions, the ease of a short sleeve tunic is ideal for heated indoor environments. A model like the valentine tunic is a perfect example. One look at a time simple and modern with some color contrasts beautiful and discreet. A choice that will suit paramedical fields and aesthetics. The tunic Fiona and his coloris Denim is also a choice very stylized in this category.

For more versatility, opt for a tunic with convertible sleeves who can be rolled up and adjusted is also a proposal to consider for the comfort of everyday professional actions. In this context, the Laurie tunic in pastel colors is a unavoidable.

Also in tunics, the alternative without sleeves offers a elegant silhouette and one unparalleled comfort. As such, we must mention the Amber model with his sophisticated asymmetrical neckline, or Le Flavie for his princess cut.

HASSON finally offers in its tunics the articles of the gamme CoCoon’s. These are models benefiting from advanced comfort features. Among these, the breathable Natacha tunic, refreshing, gentle and silky is ideal for well-being professions. Pepita is, for its part, a proposition anti stain perfect for aesthetics activities or even restoration.

The work shirt remains one essential tool for circles of care and you service. At HASSON, this does not prevent to innovate and bring style to this type of common clothing. So the blouse Angelina to contrasting bi-color officer collar is a perfect representative of this category.

To accompany the outfits presented above, as well as the multiples other that the brand offers, the choice of a matching pants is possible in the HASSON collection at inspirations from ready-to-wear. It is easy to determine a set therein and we can refer to the about, lightweight and flexible pantalon Theo. L’elegance from Ethan model will be able to marry him with the clothes of type CoCoon’s as the Pepita already mentioned.

In addition to the wide range of high quality products that HASSON offers, the brand also stands out in its sustainable commitments. It is, for example, sensitive to fair trade rules and maintains a partnership with Max Havelaar for the use of a fair textile. The fabrics are equally certified by the standards Oeko-tex for more articles ecological and excluding unwanted substances. Finally the brand presents a ethics respecting the labor rights and laws following the global pact rules from Global Compact and you code of Conduct of the’ILO (International Labor Organization).

As we have just seen, HASSON is able to offer a range of work clothes not only responsible, but above all suitable for follow the requirements bodies of care professions, well-being Where communities and services. These collections of great qualities are unmissable death professional fields and combines elegance and functionality.

Photo credits: www.muzelledulac-hasson.fr