Focus on the 5.11 Tactical brand

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5.11 Tactical, a very popular brand!

Specializing in tactical equipment and quality clothing, functional on all terrains even in the most extreme conditions, the brand born under the California sun, has been showing for many years to perfect the uniforms of the forces of the order and armies and thus strengthen their security. Its rather unusual name, 5.11, is inspired by the level of difficulty (the highest) in climbing.

What does 5.11 Tactical manufacture?

Reinforced and resistant clothing, gloves, headgear, belts, shoes (rangers), but also a very wide range of accessories (belt carrying, medical pocket, backpack and specialized luggage in general, license plate vests, glasses, lamps, etc.), 5.11 Tactical manufactures most of the quality work equipment needed by security professionals.

5.11 Tactical, backpacks that make the difference!

Most of the tactical backpacks are available from this brand with high quality requirements: with technical features such as a large number of compartments, technical and innovative materials such as 600D polyester, padded shoulder straps or even a location for a hydration bag, this “baggage” particularly suited to field missions is highly acclaimed by soldiers and survivors around the world!

Walk with 5.11 Tactical!

The intervention shoes of the 5.11 Tactical brand are known to be among the best quality rangers on the market. Known throughout the world, they are extremely resistant and allow soldiers and all those who trek in difficult environments and in extreme conditions to quickly evacuate moisture thanks to a high-tech breathable system: “rapid dry” and an “ortholite” sole and less exposure to overheating problems.
The high socks of this brand are designed to offer the maximum support and to be as comfortable as possible, ideal to complement the 5.11 Tactical shoes, they are woven with the NanoGlide fiber and all have the heel and toes reinforced.