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Known as the favorite piece lovers of the bivouac, the Fastboil comes in a new form in 2020. Highlander abandon his model MK II to make it evolve in order to create a model more adapted and more efficient for your outings in the great outdoors. The brand wants its iconic outdoor kitchen model to remain the best-selling model in its range by offering thisyour evolution, the Fastboil MK III. you havebelonging offers a scenario of previous model, in the form of a video and brings you more details on this new modèle in about youant a zoom on this new product which will allow you to prepare your meals and drinks hot in alls circumstances.

Primarily intended for outdoor use, the Fastboil MK III comes under a format compact easy to store to take up as little space as possible. L‘entirety accessories are found within of the tank and allow you use and assembly fast. Besides his name, its essential asset, udo boiling fast and efficiently, remains unchanged. The Highlander brand has made sure to work in this direction.


It is cmade up of two parts, one of which part lower and his heat distributor Who allow a thermal optimization. Lignition piezo and the power controller, as for them, will give you the possibility to perfectly adjust your cooking while making the best use of your gas cartridge.

For the upper part, the container very easy to screw on the lower part. The cooker has a 1.1 liter capacity for a weight of 570 grams, while being graduated inside.

For the dimensions, it remains quite compact, with a height of 18.5 cm and one 12 cm diameter. The use is optimized thanks to the neoprene surface arranged around the tank, which makes handling possible when hot. Also equipped with butterfly handles, sa grip rest safe and easye.

In addition to its speed, you will not need a fire-lighter cube to heat your meals. Indeed as statement previously, the Fastboil MK III is equipped with a ignition piezo. This type ofmechanical ignition will create a flame in all circumstances, making facing the wind and to all types of weather. the heat distributor incorporated confers a good thermal efficiency and an homogeneous cooking, while protecting the flame.


One flexible thermoplastic cover for the pot is also provided, offering you different ways of cooking. It will assure you a closing hhermetic, all in keeping the heat. In addition, this cover has a spout, in order to facilitate the service of your drinks. He can be also used as strainer, with its many ventilation holes also allowing cooking control.

The contents of your stove will be ready in just a few minutes. For additional ease of use, stabilizer feets are provided to allow you to cook on any type of land, even surfaces most unequal.

Consisting ofanodized aluminum, this stove durable and lightweight will become your main cooking tool during your bivouac outings. the Fastboil MK III comes with its storage cover and available under two color variations, blue and greene. The gas cartridges GAS022, GAS023 and GAS024 are compatible with this model.

Enjoy your lunch !