Job description: police officer

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What are the missions of the police officer?

The police officer is one of the first security forces in France. Its main mission is above all to ensure the security of people, property and institutions. He acts day and night, Uniformed or in civilian clothes depending on the nature of the intervention, directly in the field, where he performs command missions.

Among its many missions: order operations, monitor the public highway, fight against delinquency, conduct field investigations, make arrests, conduct interrogations, write minutes …

How to become a police officer?

Several conditions are necessary to become police officer, but it is mandatory to pass the entrance examination to the police academy.

The conditions for admission to the competition:

  • 35 years at most on January 1 of the year of the competition

  • BAC + 3 or equivalent

  • French nationality

  • Clean record

  • Good physical condition, good character

The entrance examination has 3 stages:

To pass the entrance examination, you must pass several tests: the admissibility test, the pre-admission test and the admission test.

The admissibility test consists of written tests (general knowledge, resolution of a practical case, law and criminal procedure tests). If this test is successful, you will then have to take the pre-admission tests (physical exercise tests), and if this step is passed, the competition will end with the admission test (psychotechnical tests, interview with the jury ).

Once received, the paid training of the police officer in the police academy lasts 18 months.

Becoming a police officer without a baccalaureate is possible!

It is indeed possible to access the post of police officer without a baccalaureate, thanks to the internal competition. To do this, you must first pass the competition policeman, which does not require any diploma and can be done from the age of 17.

After having passed this competition and after only 4 years of tenure, the peacekeeper will be able to apply for the internal competition for a police officer without the qualification requirement.

What are the possible developments for the police officer?

The police officer is part of the command corps of the national police which includes three ranks (in ascending order): police lieutenant, police captain and police commander.

Career development takes place par grade : for the police officer to move on to the next rank, he must climb the ranks, according to his seniority, and apply for it. It is also possible to access the design and steering body by internal competition subject to having 4 years of seniority.

What salary according to rank?

The police officer’s salary depends on status and rank, here is an example (salaries on January 1, 2020 in the Paris region):

  • officer cadet: € 1,303,

  • trainee: € 1,657,

  • police lieutenant: from € 2,252 to € 3,363,

  • police captain: 2,958 to 3,656 €,

  • police commander: from € 3,177 to € 3,833

What are the possible specializations?

L’police officer may specialize in several fields (technical and scientific police, judicial police, etc.) depending on his rank and seniority.

It can integrate intervention groups (equivalent to the GIGN for the gendarmerie) such as the GIPN (National police intervention group), the RAID (Research, assistance, intervention, deterrence) or the BRI (Research and Intervention Brigade).

But also Republican Security Companies (CRS), the anti-crime squad, the family protection squad, the narcotics squad, the equestrian squad, become a motorcyclist, dog handler, or even a trainer in physical and professional activities (APP)…