Remote monitoring or Video surveillance: which choice?

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Monitor your property by camera thanks to video surveillance

Also called video protection, video surveillance represents a set of cameras used to film a public or private space permanently or according to scheduled times. You should know that nothing prevents an individual from installing a video device without wire, provided you do not film the public road or a neighboring property. If today studies show that only 5% of video surveillance systems are installed by individuals in France, they continue to develop and become real tools for maintaining security.

Keep an eye on your property with remote monitoring

Remote monitoring is a security system that operates continuously. Its principle is simple: when its infrared sensors detect movement or any attempted intrusion inside your home, the alarm is triggered. The monthly subscription that you pay to the monitoring company keeps a watch on the data which is relayed by your alarm. If the alarm goes off, the company carries out a verification procedure and asks the police to intervene on the spot if necessary.

Why integrate video surveillance and remote surveillance?

The remote monitoring company may use the various data provided to it by a video surveillance system in order to better verify a property. These two systems are particularly suited to isolated properties, for which only a simple trigger would not necessarily be enough to scare a burglar away. But not only. If 95% of burglars flee in the event of an alarm triggering with the presence of remote monitoring, they nevertheless have in most cases the time to steal the most valuable goods. With video surveillance, the risk of being identified is increased and this deters the majority of criminals. The two monitoring methods allow you to always have an eye on your home and be alerted in real time Protection 24, a leading company in the field, advises and supports you in the installation of your security system.