Clothing and equipment dedicated to women

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Today the professions of civil and private security, of the’army and law enforcement are no longer reserved for men (and fortunately!). The gendarmerie has nearly 20% of its female workforce, the National Police almost 30%; L’army had already more than 15% almost 10 years ago and since this figure does not stop increasing! The women also represent more than 16% of the workforce fire soldiers. Security Vet therefore presents an article devoted to clothes and to equipment especially dedicated to women in these areas!

Well shod to work well!

Being comfortable in your shoes is the basics in life and it is all the more true in the fields of security, army and civil protection…!

If formerly the rare women to venture into these professions struggled to put on shoes, this is not the case today. From the standard ranger, worn daily by the police or the gendarmes to the most sophisticated safety shoes intended for example for soldiers in OPEX, sizes are available from 35.

Well-tailored tactical clothing for greater comfort and efficiency.

Light and breathable tank tops and technical polo shirts specially cut for female figures, gray, khaki or camouflage tactical pants that combine dynamic look, comfort and durability for military women, specialized leggings as effective in sport as under pants in very cold weather with integrated pockets, mixed t-shirts suitable for both a man and a woman… Today, the best brands of clothing and safety equipment compete to put their know-how and their technologies at the service of women.

More and more adapted technical equipment for better safety at work!

It may seem logical, but what could be less comfortable and more dangerous than a belt, gloves or a cap that are too big or even a badly adapted bulletproof vest?
Vet Sécurité’s expertise also means paying great attention to all of this and ensuring that all men and women feel good and can count on their equipment on a daily basis and in all situations!