Entering a police or gendarmerie school

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The National Police and the Gendarmerie are recruiting. It is an interesting opportunity for those who wish to exercise an active profession and who want to engage in the service of others. Indeed, the law enforcement act every day to ensure the safety of all and the common well-being. Those who feel ready for this vocation can freely apply for one of the competition… under certain conditions: be of French nationality, be within the age limit (example 35 years for Police officer Where Gendarmerie non-commissioned officer), be recognized as physically fit, and hold the required diplomas according to the grade (Baccalaureate for Peacekeeper, Master 2 for Police Commissioner, etc.).

Become a policeman

Young candidates who have passed the Police competition or from Gendarmerie must follow a specific course. Thus, the National Police welcomes its new recruits in different EPNs (National Police Academy) or CFP (Police Training Center). The future police officers receive there for a year an education to acquire the values ​​of the institution and to be quickly operational on the ground. The training alternates between courses, sports practice and internships in police services. At school, future police officers are accommodated in boarding schools and regularly attend the raising of flags. If some stationery are distributed by the institution, the pupils must find certain equipment, such as a backpack, or shoes.

The training of gendarmes

The police schools are responsible for training the successful candidates for the entrance exams to the Gendarmerie. These establishments are divided into the different courses: initial training of 12 months for police students, 13-week initial training for volunteer assistant gendarmes and judicial police officers, 6-week initial training for specific jobs, etc. These apprenticeship weeks allow young people to familiarize themselves with their status as a military. They are grouped together in a promotion, called Training company, which bears the name of a gendarme who fell in the performance of his duties. Future gendarmes receive a package when they enter school, which they must complete (shoes, accessories for example). Vet Sécurité offers all the product ranges necessary for these future gendarmes and police officers.