Airsoft: the balls

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During your airsoft games the marbles are a Essential element. Indeed, without them, you simply cannot play. There are different materials, weight and color. Usually they are made up of plastic, with a 6mm diameter size for a weight going from 0.12 to 0.40 g. During certain games of airsoft, the use of balls is regulated.

In order to avoid the risks associated with the wear and tear of your replica, or a negative impact on the quality of your shot, the use of quality is highly recommended.

What are the types of balls in airsoft?

In order to practice airsoft, several types of balls exist:

– From eco-responsible beads, which are biodegradable. This type of projectile is healthier for nature;

– From tracing balls, are used for night parties. They allow you to see your ball from the barrel thanks to their fluorescent capacity. They also exist in eco-responsible materials;

– From non-tracing balls, dark in color, they will allow you to keep your position secret;

– From metal balls usable for target shooting;

In general, eco-friendly type beads are mainly recommended for a healthier practice. One weight ranging from 0.2 to 0.25 g is ideal, heavier balls, usable for snipers, are often prohibited. Indeed, exceeded this weight, this ammunition can injure.

Airsoft balls: what grammage to use?

In order to optimize your precision / range ratio, it is essential to choose a grammage that corresponds to your replica. As stated previously, beads between 0.2 and 0.25 g are ideal. Typically 0.2g ammunition is used by pistol-type replicas. For AEG replicas, beads greater than 0.2 g are recommended. Some replicas have an indication on the ideal weight to use, which will allow you to choose them accordingly.

Be careful, if your grammage does not correspond to the restrictions of the game, you will have to change your ammunition otherwise you will not be able to participate.

Remember, if your marble is damaged, has a imperfection or the dirt, it is strongly recommended not to use it in order to avoid damage your replica inside. The weight of the ball will have no effect on your replica as long as its diameter is 6mm, it only impacts range and accuracy.


Whatever type of beads you choose, don’t forget that a ball at close range can injure, sometimes even seriously. The protective masks or goggles are normally required no matter what game of Airsoft you are participating in. A ball received in the eyes can have serious consequences sometimes even up to the loss of sight. That’s why a mask that covers the entire face and ears is perfect for ensuring a hassle-free party.

In the Airsoft areas where you are in CQB situation, full auto is not authorized in order to reduce the risks. Close range shots are limited to the maximum by the players. When you’re too close to your opponent, you pretend to shoot for common protection.