Industrial construction: Which equipment to choose?

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The field of industrial construction involves many trades in direct contact with machines and production tools, the handling of which involves risks. These professions are moreover perfectly regulated, especially in terms of PPE (personal protective equipment for the head, hands, eyes, knees, etc.). Being well equipped in the industrial construction sector is therefore essential to work in the best possible conditions in terms of efficiency and safety. It also goes through a suitable professional attire, both to the demands of the profession and to the external conditions which change with the seasons.

Safety boots or shoes

By opting for boots or safety shoes designed according to the standard EN ISO 20345, you are guaranteed to protect your feet optimally. As part of industrial construction activities, it is recommended to wear models with anti-puncture midsole, which is the case with S1P shoes. Depending on the case, it may be beneficial to wear S3 safety shoes directly in order to avoid the risk of water intruding into the shoe. Because, unlike S3 standard models, S1P shoes are not waterproof. On the other hand, both bring together all the protections relating to the risks of slip and of perforation. They are antistatic, resistant to hydrocarbons, absorb the heel shocks and haveprotective caps steel or composite material. Do not hesitate to direct you to overshoes if necessary, in order to gain in grip on snowy or icy ground.

Protective clothing

Many brands such as Coverguard, Portwest or LMA have specialized in work clothing, including high visibility ranges or rain suits. If your industrial construction activity requires you to wear HV outfits, know that there are all kinds. Beyond the simple high visibility vest with standardized retro-reflective bands EN ISO 20471 for HV clothing, there are many models of waterproof parkas, some of which have removable jackets that can be transformed into sleeveless vests. Additional standards IN 343 (weather protection) and IN 342 (protection against the cold) ensure optimal comfort outdoors. They are specific to many softshell rain jackets offered in more classic color ranges. More and more functional, the multipocket work trousers offered by the different brands generally offer knee protectors and have water repellent properties which make them essential for many industrial construction trades.

Complementary accessories

Compliant with at least standard EN 420, protective gloves are part of the EPI essential within the framework of the activity of industrial construction. Some models (standard EN 388) protect against mechanical risks such as cuts or punctures, others against burns (EN 407), the cold (EN 511), or chemical products (EN 374). Recommended equipment also goes through eyeglasses or some masks appropriate protection according to the standards of the PPE of the eye, without forgetting the helmets, the ear muffs or the earplugs. All these very specific accessories effectively complete the outfit of the industrial construction professional in order to guarantee its security within the framework of its function.