Choose your ballistic glasses

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The choice of a eye protection between a pair of ballistic glasses Where a mask and the choice of the right one glass type depends on several criteria. It is essentially a function of the environment in which you will carry out your missions which will define which model is the most suitable.

Ballistic Glasses VS Ballistic Masks

The pair of glasses is the most comfortable protection because it is very light and allows you to ventilate your eyes a little.

But it is unsuitable in certain situations. For example, you will not be immune to all shards. During a mission in the middle of the desert, you will not be not completely protected sandstorms.

In this situation it is then preferable to take a protective mask which will be more suitable. However, it also has some flaws. In hot and humid weather, it can happen that fogging develops on the glasses and limits visibility.

In certain situations it is then necessary to bring both andadapt your equipment depending on the situation.

What type of glass to choose?

There are also different types of glass that will allow you to have the best visibility in all situations. Here’s how to choose the lens tint

Noir :

Dark tinted glasses are suitable for a very sunny environment. They also offer you perfect UV protection.

Copper :

This shade allows you to better perceive the contrasts and shades of blue and green. it is designed for use in urban areas with little sunlight.

Orange :

The orange color of this shade helps reduce glare. The lenses guarantee 100% protection of the eyes against ABC UV.

Transparent :

Transparent glasses are suitable for indoor use in order to perceive true colors. The sole purpose of these glasses is to protect you from splinters and dust.

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