What are the benefits of jogging at dawn?

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morning jogging

Combat sports, involving the whole organism, require to warm up seriously. Morning jogging is therefore the first endurance test of the day. It prepares both the mind and the body to face a demanding day. To be a fighter worthy of the name, you have to perform rigorous training beforehand. This includes running in particular, which turns out to be very efficient training on many points.

Often little appreciated by boxers, the morning run has many benefits and is essential for your physical condition. To motivate yourself, equip yourself well, put your smartphone in a sports armband, put on your headphones and go for it!


Ideal for developing endurance, a highly essential physical capacity when boxing, running is the boxer’s essential training. Preferably schedule it before breakfast. If you have the time and hope to progress in the world of boxing, plan for a real 30-60 minute jog.

To develop your physical but also psychological endurance, it may be interesting to run on long distances. Indeed, combat sports are not only played on physical skills, but also on mental strength and motivation. Our psychological strength often allows us to gain the upper hand over a tired body and it is this which will allow you to hold out until the end of the fight. Long, dynamic and regular races therefore allow you to push yourself to your limits, to experience fatigue and muscle pain. The objective is to arrive at control your weaknesses and thus forge your mind.


It is also recommended to use the stroke with fragmented times. The HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training is a training composed of phases of acceleration and deceleration. The session format is therefore short and very dynamic, the objective being to increase your heart rate as much as possible during intense efforts and slow it down during the deceleration phase. This slowing down prevents the production of lactic acid, which is the cause of muscle contractions, and happy body aches. Easy to set up, HIIT can be applied to running by alternating phases of 30 seconds of acceleration with phases of active recovery (walking) of 1 minute 30. This technique allows you to train your body and the muscles to an intense sport practice and thus develop good capacities of active recovery, which will be more than useful to you in the ring.

Finally, plan from time to time “recovery” joggers. Reduce your speed and be careful not to exceed 75% of your maximum heart rate. In terms of the length of the workouts, you can completely increase the duration of these “slow” jogs up to an hour. This will fully contribute to improving your endurance very smoothly. On mornings when you have a little slack, it is indeed preferable to spare yourself and to reserve intensive efforts to your favorite sport, boxing!