What accessories to work in summer? ☀️

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Heat, humidity, sun… Are part of the daily life of many security professionals. Gendarmes, police officers, firefighters, security agents, soldiers in the field, must adapt to working conditions which sometimes become difficult or even extreme! Vet Sécurité, specialist in tactical clothing and equipment, offers you a selection of optimal equipment to adopt as soon as possible!

Hot weather: from summer outfits to small equipment to support them better!

From head to toe, it is important to have a complete outfit and safety equipment completely adapted to the summer to carry out sometimes complicated field missions. Walking in the heatwave or prolonged static position under a blazing sun? Your first ally must already be on your head! Caps stamped “security”, with the insignia of the departmental gendarmerie, shell or even camouflage version… A headgear is absolutely essential and must be perfectly correlated with your safety clothes!

For security professionals who must wear gloves in all weathers, Defcon has created micro ventilated, ultra light and breathable gloves, specially designed for terrain with extreme climatic conditions in heat and humidity. Cool dry breathable polo shirts are available for security guards and limit excessive sweating during very hot weather! Light-colored or white 100% cotton t-shirts are also recommended if possible when working in hot and humid environments. If necessary, microfiber towels with a high absorption capacity will complete a military package.

Finally, in very hot weather, on French territory as well as in OPEX abroad, it is essential to have several water containers, light and practical, at your disposal, to be able to keep them cool thanks to thermo covers. protective and thus hydrate as regularly as possible!