Safety equipment: the details that make the difference!

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The gendarmes, police, firefighters or even soldiers work in difficult and often high-risk jobs. Fortunately, little tricks and gadgets can considerably improve their daily life… It may be wise to use, for example, anti-noise plugs for events, concerts…

Accessories to improve comfort

Little tips can improve the comfort during your shift, whether you stay static or cover many kilometers in a day, don’t forget to equip your rangers or your safety shoes of soles with improved shock absorbers. If you find yourself taking off your ranger regularly during the day, you might be interested in the quick shoe / ranger zip that will prevent you from undoing your laces and re-tying them. A comfort belt could also be very useful to avoid bad postures and pain caused by the weight load, they are generally usable with all types of belts.
For more eventful and noisy events, we advise you to use earplugs which will protect your eardrums from intense noise.

Survival accessories

In a survival period, details can be very useful … Whether you are soldiers, police officers ambushed or in a bivouac, critical situations can arise. For example, during an injury, a tourniquet tourniquet could save your life: in the event of hemorrhage, it makes it possible to constitute a tourniquet. If you were made to sleep homeless in a secluded place, the fire starter could become your savior. Compact and indestructible, it will allow you to create a shower of spark to light a fire and warm you or protect you. Glow sticks that do not require battery or battery will be very useful to show you in case of danger and make you spotted by the emergency services at night. In any situation we advise you to keep a paracord survival bracelet which will allow you to get out of difficult situations with its integrated whistle.