The police equestrian brigade

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The brigade equestrian police play an important role in areas urban and rural, it increases the security and a better communication with the population.

His role :

It intervenes in several events:

At the time of demonstrations and demands, she must to struggle against against the overflows and violent movements. Its role is to preserve the security and avoid potential dangers for the population such as crowd movements. The brigade has the advantage of better managing and supervising the crowd using horses. They also have a better visibility to detect conflicting events due to their elevated position.

The horses are trained to manage the groupings and consequential incidents and have a deterrent role. This is why they intervene during official ceremonies, when personalities or politicians are present. Or during sporting events for watch the supporters and avoid riots.

In order to preserve public safety, the equestrian police watch most tourist spots during the summer vacation period. She fights against behaviours delinquents, the assaults and the vols. The horse is quick and agile in dealing with this type of situation. The brigade even developed a technique to be able to handcuff delinquents without getting off the horse.

The brigade also acts in favor of the Environmental Protection. She protected the zones savages and fragile, as well as national parks. She sensitized people not to throw their rubbish in inappropriate places while patrolling. the poaching and the peach in protected areas are also sanctioned by the authorities. This is why the horse is suitable and allows access to places where vehicles cannot go.

Take care of your horses

In addition to their missions, maintenance horses is essential to ensure their good health. Horses are bred to be efficient in the field and in good form.

The horse is prepare See you later situation potentially dangerous, such as explosions, use of smoke, etc. and he is trained not to be afraid of riots and crowd movements.

The brigade’s equipment

The dress of the equestrian brigade is no different from that of a police officer from another service. These policemen spend the whole day out and the weather report can vary the outfit. They have several protections such as a bomb (helmet) to protect themselves in the event of a fall and their uniform I know consists of a blue polo shirt, a polar, of a coat if necessary and a navy blue pants.

It can also vary according to the events. If it is for a demonstration, they are protected by armor, helmets, and the horse is endowed with a visor. A round in a city where in nature justifies an outfit more slight. The horse has rubber shoes to avoid slipping in urban areas and its saddle is in synthetic for over lightness.

How to join the brigade

With or without diploma, you can join the equestrian police brigade.

If you have a baccalaureate, you must first pass the external competition for peacekeeper to then have access to the profession.

If you fail to graduate, you have the opportunity to become adjoint from security to then spend a competition internal from peacekeeper and become a member of the mounted police.

Above all, you have to be passionate about horseback riding and have an equestrian level gallop 5, issued by the French Equestrian Federation.