Military reservists

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The military reserve is made up of volunteers, from the civilian or military world. Reservists participate in the preparation of the Nation for possible serious crises, likely to disrupt the daily life of citizens.

The military reserve is made up of two branches :

the operational reserve and the citizen reserve. As part of the operational reserve, the reservist can engage in the gendarmerie, army, air force and navy. The citizen reserve is made up of volunteers, regardless of age, whose role is to communicate and raise awareness the public to subjects close to national defense.

Become a Reservist

The conditions to become a reservist are:

– Be voluntary and 17 years old at least

– Be French nationality

– Be in good standing with national service obligations

– Own all the skills required

– Not to have been sentenced either at the loss of his civil rights or the ban on exercising a public employment, either to a criminal penalty, or to removal or loss of rank under the conditions provided for in the code of military justice.

– Have done national service Where Defense and Citizenship Day (JDC)

Committed to a duration of 1 to 5 years renewable, the reservist ensures the same missions as the active military and can participate in foreign operations.

The missions performed by reservists consist of:

– provide temporary reinforcement to the armed forces in particular for the protection of the national territory (Sentinel, Vigipirate) and within the framework of operations carried out abroad;

– participate in the daily service of the units (surveillance patrols, research systems, public security missions or the fight against crime, etc.);

– help disaster-stricken populations during natural, accidental or provoked disasters;

– provide expertise in areas where the army has specific needs.

Obligations and rights of the reservist

He can be absent until 60 days of his employment for the periods he serves in the reserve. He must get employer’s agreement if the activities exceed 5 days per year. The absence of the reservist cannot be deduction of paid leave and it can’t be dismissed for this reason.

It should serve:

30 days per calendar year as a minimum and up to a maximum of 60 days to meet the army needs

150 days in case of need related to the employment of forces

210 days for jobs with a national or international interest.

The reservist perceives, under the same conditions as active soldiers, a balance and accessories. He can also perceive a loyalty bonus and possibly other incentive measures.

The military reserve is part of a continuous journey, which starts with defense education, continues with participation in census and citizenship defense day (JDC) to materialize by a possible commitment to serve in the reserve.

Education and training vary depending on the branch you choose.

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