The different Red Dot

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the red dot sight (or viewfinder “Red Dot“), is a gun accessory which projects a light point (or reticle) onto a lens. Depending on the model chosen, features may vary such as shape, color, brightness, which will also impact performance. The choice is made according to the weight, size and format. Each model will respond to a very specific use, but will all be adaptable to a higher Picatinny rail.

There are several types of sights military offered by many brands. We will present you different sights of the brand your holos already available on our online site.

Why use a Red Dot?

The use of a Red Dot includes many advantages :

– It brings a better precision and allows rapid acquisition of the target.

– It is more discreet than a laser, because the light beam is not projected on the target.

– It can have several sizes and several shapes as needed.

– According to the Red Dot, parallax is compensated when the user moves their head, i.e. reticle stays close to the point of impact regardless of the shooter’s angle of view.

– It can be used for CQC (Close Quarters Combat).

What are the different types of Reds Dots?

There are several types of red dots: reflex, holographic, tubular, etc. Aside from the weight and size, it is mainly the format and the function of it that will be taken into account. Indeed, the classic Red Dots with large aperture (reflex for example), are used with both eyes open. In addition, the tubular Reds Dots will require them, an adjustment of the aim with your directing eye.

We will present you the different types of Red Dot as well as their primary characteristics which will allow you to direct you towards the model which corresponds to you perfectly.

Le Red Dot Reflex

the Red Dot Reflex is the red dot pattern The most common. As its name suggests, its use will allow rapid aiming, for instinctive and precise shooting. It is used in situations where properly adjusting its target is not possible. No need to close an eye when aiming with a reflex sight.

The reticle can take various shapes. Depending on your needs, you can decide to place a triangle, a circle or one point. The sight of the reflex sight is less thick than that which is present on a holographic sight.

This type of sight will be a major asset during missions at low engagement distance. Its format makes it a discreet viewfinder with minimal bulk so as not to hinder your movements.

The Tubular Red Dot

The viewfinder Red Hot Tube comes under the cylinder shape fitted with two lenses, the red dot is projected onto the front lens from the rear lens.

The Red Dot Tube costs more than other types of sights and takes up more space. Its size is larger than a reflex viewfinder, but its range is much greater. In addition, thanks to the addition of a magnifier, you will have the possibility to alternate between short and medium range shooting. It is perfect for outdoor use with moderate distances and pairs with medium to long guns.

The Red Dot Holosight

the Red Dot Holosight works like classic Reds Dots. This type of viewfinder allows quick aim with a large field of vision while keeping both eyes open. A round dot is present in the middle of the sight to ensure better precision of the shot.

It is available in 3 sizes, named 551 (short version), 552 (intermediate version) and 553 (long version).

It has the advantages of the reflex sight and the tubular model: use at short and medium range is possible, while using a sight with both eyes open.

Le Red Dot RMR

The Reds Dots RMR are miniature reflex sights. They work the same as reflex sights and are primarily intended for use in conjunction with handguns. In addition, they have the particularity of being able to attach directly to the cylinder head of some pistols.

Most often used on pistols, it can also be associated with weapons close range like a submachine gun type MP5.

The different types of reticle

The reticle corresponds to the light shape projected on the lens of your viewfinder. Color and shape may vary.

In order to protect the Red With any impact that could crack the lens, it is advisable to equip it with a protective lens.

Each viewfinder is suitable for different situations and different environments, according to the area you are in. Depending on the type of weapon you use, you will have to adapt the choice of your sight:

Reflex or RMR for a pistol or an SMG (Submachine Gun);

The assault rifle is a versatile weapon, it can easily use all types of sights;

A viewfinder x8 for snipers.