Coverguard: The Worker’s Full Armor

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Coverguard is a major actor and international in the field of Personal protective equipment (EAR). The brand designs, made and distributed a wide selection of products for protect workers in their sectors of activity. It is at the end of thirties that first gloves and aprons from welder come out Lyon workshops. Since then, the company will have built a company with a global presence with distributors in more than 100 pays. In 2020, 12 brands historical unite under the label Coverguard. 85 years of experience granted to the research and the conception of articles able to answer requirements multiple professional sectors.

The brand’s mission is to protect the men and the women on their work places. Their protective gear are busy offering comfort, performances and style Has competitive price without sacrificing security capabilities. Coverguard thus covers the needs of the sectors of BTP, from second work, of the’industry, of the’agriculture, from transport or even services. In addition to these innovations and its products quality, the company is now mobilized to control and to diminish son environmental impact, in reducing especially his energy consumption and the common waste.

The articles Coverguard ally responsible ethics, trendy aesthetic and safety performance tested and certified by the best laboratories of the world (CTC, BSI, INTERTEK, SGS and many others). Let’s discover some of their featured products to constitute thefull armor from modern worker.

Hand protection

A pair of gloves adequate according to working conditions is essential to ensure the hand safety. To avoid risk of cuts, the cut resistant gloves offer a wide variety of adapted solutions. Those for precision work offering security without sacrificing the dexterity such gloves Eurocut N300 ou Eurocut N606 that follow the standard EN 388. For the work of general handling and D’heavy industry to medium to high risk of cuts, gloves more resistant will be recommended as gloves Eurocut Impact 100 et 200.

For the dry environments, gras Where wet gloves Eurolite 13N400 Where 13P105 will keep a better grip on this type of media. Against the cold, the thermal protection gloves conforming to the standard IN 511 will avoid the risks associated with low temperatures. Gloves Eurowinter D100 also combine protection cut-resistant from level D.

The specific needs from some trades also require suitable gloves. For the workers of the welding, gloves Euroweld 250 give them a protection against the heat by standard EN 407. To avoid electrical hazards, the electricians will probably opt for gloves with electro-static properties of the standard IN 1149 to which gloves Euroweld 140 respond.

Head protection

One construction worker orindustry must be protect the head, be it the eyes, the skull where the ears to better cope with risks of his profession. Coverguard thus offers a wide range ofaccessories able to ensure the required protections by these different sectors.

The Madlux glasses Where Eurolux offer a protection against the UV of the sun’s rays according to the standard IN 170 in addition to having characteristics antifog to avoid any constraints. For the welders, Standard IN 169 glasses Revlux 2 will meet their specific needs.

For the hearing protections, we can opt either for simple earplugs, either for MX340 helmets in the environments most noisy.

Against the risks of head shocks, the bump cap will be suitable for trades that do not present significant risk of falls orfalling objects. In the case of work at height, helmet Altai wind will be an ally of choice for perched workers.

Foot protection

Depending of business areas and work places, safety shoes should be chosen wisely to adapt to the different work requirements encountered. Coverguard offers for this purpose shoes that meet the characteristics of the standard EN ISO 20345.

Among these, S1 safety shoes and S1P, anti slip, light and comfortable like the Gypsum will be able to meet the needs of painters, electricians Where storekeepers.

The Opal shoes where the bottes Pyrope of classes S3 offer notched soles, from resistant rods at thehumidity or to cold and are able to protect the feet from masons, roofers, ramp agents, works supervisors, dockers and other trades building orindustry. The versatility shoes Agate and Azurite allow them to be efficient as well in interior that in outside.

Work clothes

The range of Coverguard workwear responds to requests from a wide selection of activity area : of the’artisan at theworker from road works. These outfits best meet the needs of protection and of security workers in various situations Where weather situation.

The collection Color, which consists among other things of a you know and a trousers, offers multiple practical pockets able to serve all those who needtools at within reach. the Smart pants standard EN 14404 allows the addition of knee pads for the protection of his joints during work.

For work on roadsides or from night, the high visibility clothing of the standard IN 20471 are essential and are available for all the time. The park Kanata standardized IN 342 for the extreme cold, the rain jackets EN 343 Hotaru where the tee-shirts Komo for the summer periods will be perfectly suited to the seasonality.

The accessories and outfits presented above are only one sample articles made up through Coverguard. Whatever your professional needs, the brand originating from Lyon will certainly have enough satisfied to train your full armor from head to toe, thus ensuring a work in complete serenity.

Photo credits: Coverguard