Tasmanian Tiger: the benchmark brand for security forces

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Anxious to bring reliable tactical solutions, VETSÉCURITÉ selects quality products recommended for professionals. The Tasmanian Tiger brand has logically found its place among the equipment intended for policemen, gendarmes Where military in OPEX. Recognized internationally, the Tasmanian Tiger brand has even become a high-end supplier of Armies and forces of Police. Its articles, intervention bags and accessories, meet the international standards. They undergo regular checks carried out by independent test centers. Tasmanian Tiger checks each finished product and assigns it a serial number: a guarantee of reliability and quality for soldiers who must be able to rely on their equipment in all circumstances.

Police and gendarmerie intervention equipment

Tasmanian Tiger is committed to the policemen and gendarmes by imagining products that meet the requirements of the field. Security forces can count on strong, weather-resistant accessories, designed for intensive use and fully functional. For example, the small MKII medical bag offers a capacity of 3 adjustable liters, and MOLLE loops for greater speed of execution. It is ideal for a security agent, in order to provide emergency assistance during a public event. Tasmanian Tiger also equips the forces of fire safety. Used as a radio holder, the Tac Pouch 2 is very useful for firefighters in intervention. Tasmanian Tiger is also part of the daily life of police officers and gendarmes, with tactical equipment such as the 1 Point elastic strap compatible with all small arms.

Military interventions and bivouacs

Field trips, OPEX or the special missions entrusted to military require real precision in gesture and action. When error is not allowed, one must benefit from reliable and resistant equipment. It is with this in mind that Tasmanian Tiger designed its tactical backpacks. Available in coyote, khaki or camo, these intervention bags combine ergonomics and functionality. The Trooper Light Pack, which offers a volume of 35 liters, is thus made in water-repellent T-Square to withstand the elements (rain, dust, sand, etc.).