Simulate your presence to deter burglars

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Simulate your presence using light

The most basic presence simulator consists of an electrical outlet equipped with a timer. All you have to do is connect a lamp to this socket and set the timer to program its on or off. If this device is very simple to operate, it is not, however, the most efficient. Indeed, a conscientious burglar, monitoring your home over several days, will quickly realize that the lighting turns on and off in a way too “mechanical”.

The TV simulator is also an interesting trick. This small device equipped with LEDs plays on the projection of lights of different colors to imitate a television in operation. Depending on the system, this presence simulator can operate continuously, be programmed for a specific time slot or even activate automatically at nightfall.

Home automation, for an illusion that is larger than life

Home automation is by far the technology that best simulates a presence. Lamps, television, radio, roller shutters or even sun visors are all programmable and controllable equipment remotely, via a smartphone or tablet, allowing you to simulate an activity in your home in a much more natural way.

Some systems even allow you to record your lifestyle, in order to reproduce them faithfully in your absence, for a perfect illusion!

Associate the presence simulator with other equipment

The presence simulator can sometimes be enough to deter a burglar. However, if it is unmasked, it will not offer any protection to your home! For flawless security, you are strongly advised to couple your simulator to an alarm system integrating, for example, surveillance cameras, motion or opening detectors, etc.

And beware, if it is easy to buy an alarm kit to install yourself, this option is far from being the most secure. Only a professional can best advise you on the equipment necessary to protect your home, depending on its configuration.
For optimal protection, opt without hesitation for a remote monitoring system, in constant contact with a monitoring center. Get in touch with well-known companies with long experience and guarantees (regular control of your equipment remotely, equipment maintenance, etc.), such as the company SEPSAD, leader in remote monitoring in France for 20 years.