Protect yourself with Operation Vigilant Neighbors

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The “Vigilant and Solidarity Neighbors” site connects the inhabitants of a municipality to prevent and cure the risk of burglary or delinquency while providing additional confidence and a feeling of serenity. It is the first social network of vigilance and, according to the Minister of the Interior Claude Guéant, statistics show a decrease in burglaries of 40% per year.

Beyond security: user-friendliness

When residents decide to join this system and register on the community site, we are no longer just talking about security, but also about mutual aid and conviviality. The site makes it possible to launch alerts and warn neighbors of a departure on vacation, but also to post announcements for services between neighbors, carpooling, a loan system or even neighborhood parties. This system therefore allows people to meet their neighbors and come together around common values. This citizen participation functions as a moral contract between citizens and the gendarmes and thus makes it possible to optimize the work of the latter while strengthening the links between the inhabitants.

Solidarity or Denial? Mixed reviews

Despite its many advantages, this concept does not win great support: most people do not feel comfortable and for good reason an atmosphere of denunciation, and for the oldest this device recalls the sufferings of the last war. However, this system cannot function without the spontaneous adhesion of a large number of citizens, which is why it is still necessary to protect one’s home in the traditional, in exclusive partnership with Mondial Assistance, is positioned as the market leader by offering an offer combining alarm system, remote monitoring and home risk detectors, permanently linked to the security service. Installing an alarm makes it possible to divide by four the risks of burglary, a system which has proven itself and which it is essential to adopt.