Martial arts Hamburg: common types and their advantages

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Based on the blog post that was published in February, this article is intended to introduce other common martial arts in Hamburg. At the same time, the aim of this article is to explain objectively and well-founded why the most common martial arts are not able to keep up with ninjutsu for various reasons. After the martial arts that are popular in Hamburg Krav Maga, BJJ, MMA and Kung Fu were discussed in the previous article, this article focuses on the types Ju Jitsu and Judo. So let’s not waste any time and start straight away with the first martial art: Ju Jitsu.

Ju Jitsu: Not very suitable as a martial arts in Hamburg

One of the most popular martial arts in the capital for martial arts Hamburg is Ji Jitsu. Ji Jitsu is one of the top 5 most popular martial arts in Hamburg and has seen the light of day in the world of martial arts as the art of the samurai. For thousands of years the samurai have used Ji Jitsu to defend themselves against various enemies. The concept has been continuously developed further and now shows a large number of techniques that are also used in the martial art ninjutsu, which is wrongly still largely unknown in Hamburg.

While Ji Jitsu is considered the art of the samurai, Ninjutsu is considered the art of the ninjas, which has adapted different concepts of Ji Jitsu. In our dojo for martial arts in Hamburg Altona, a total of nine classic types of styles are taught. While three of them have their origins in the martial art of the ninja, the vast majority of styles (six in total) actually have their origin in the martial arts school of the samurai. If that sounds to you now as if Ninjutsu simply “stole” the techniques from Ji Jitsu, I have to tell you that it is not that easy.

Rather, Ninjutsu has adopted certain elements that it now combines with its own techniques to offer a universal and effective concept of self-defense. With Ninjutsu you can defend yourself through martial arts even in a threatening situation in Hamburg. And that brings us to the advantages that Ninjutsu has compared to Ji Jitsu …

Ji Jitsu vs. Ninjutsu: The lesser known martial arts in Hamburg decides the duel for itself

It has already been heard, but compared to Ninjutsu, Ji Jitsu clearly draws the short straw. There are various reasons for this, which I would like to elaborate on in this section. First and foremost are the rigid structures in which Ji Jitsu is taught. These structures are based very closely on the conventional club structures, which can be restrictive and hindering in the long term. The elements of the clubs include something like bringing a cake at the weekend and working through a stamp book to get the next belt. It is therefore only possible to a limited extent to concentrate really independently and freely on the martial arts and to learn it.

In addition, another disadvantage is that the martial arts ability and martial arts skill are lacking. What does that mean in concrete terms? You will learn various different techniques that look cool and are spectacular, but in the event of a conflict situation in everyday life are simply not suitable for everyday use.

Unfortunately, Hamburg has a high crime rate in some corners, so that there can be a threat to you. Of course, we hope you never end up in such a situation, but it is generally known that caution is better than forbearance. What you need in this situation are not just any cool moves, but effective solutions to free yourself from the threat. In short: You need a martial arts in Hamburg that protects you effectively. And that’s not Ji Jitsu, it’s Ninjutsu.

Ninjutsu in Hamburg is more diverse and exciting

In our dojo in Hamburg Altona there are a lot of martial artists who have been training Ju Jitsu for years and at some point have discovered that certain components are missing in the mediated system. That’s why they learn the missing elements at our ninjutsu courses in Hamburg Altona.

Please note at this point that this is in no way meant to be normative. Nobody who practices Ji Jitsu should feel attacked by this. Rather, it is simply a statement and an honest perception of the situation.

In contrast to Ji Jitsu, Ninjutsu is more diverse and has a larger portfolio of techniques and styles. For example the fascinating ninja aspect, which includes sneaking up and the so-called dirty fighting. The samurai were very honorable warriors who were prohibited from using certain techniques by their code. Accordingly, such techniques have not been taught. The job of the samurai was to protect their liege lord, while the ninjas were to ensure their own survival and that of the family. Any means were acceptable to them for this purpose. Ninjas therefore used tactics and weapons that were designed, among other things, for a sudden, attack-like fight.

Even in today’s world, this tactic, which aims at surprise and at the same time contains highly effective techniques, is much more promising in a crisis situation. So if you want to be optimally prepared for threats and be prepared for the worst, you should learn Ninjutsu and not resort to Ji Jitsu. As a martial artist, you can safely travel through Hamburg.

In addition to Ji Jitsu, there is a second martial art that is popular in Hamburg, which I would like to address in the article: Judo.

Judo: cool martial arts in Hamburg, conditionally suitable for everyday use

I’m being completely honest with you: Judo is one of the most beautiful competitive sports, and it’s not for nothing that it is one of Hamburg’s most popular martial arts. The focus in judo is clearly on ground fighting. Wrestling and throwing are by far the most important components in judo.

Ninjutsu also has wrestling and throwing techniques. However, unlike judo, the focus is not only on the hard and powerful execution. The athletes do not have to be particularly strong or tall to play ninjutsu. Even a smaller, skinny person can push stronger people onto the mat. This is practically impossible in judo. For this reason it must be said that there is a fault in the judo system. However, in defense of judo, it must be said that this error (except in ninjutsu) can be found in all types of popular martial arts in Hamburg. It is therefore not a unique selling point for judo in the negative sense.

At the same time, the well-organized framework of the competition limits the effectiveness of martial arts in everyday life in Hamburg. Unfortunately, punches and kicks are not part of judo. So if you don’t manage to get your opponent into a wrestling, your options are extremely limited and your chances of getting out of the situation decrease rapidly.

As a ninjutsu fighter, you don’t have that problem. Due to the wide range of different techniques and problem-solving options, you are set up much more flexibly. So you have a great chance to protect yourself and your family and friends effectively. At the same time, you will learn to analyze your opponent in advance and to find out possible strengths / weaknesses that will further increase your chances.

If this article has given you the desire to try out ninjutsu as a martial art in our dojo in Hamburg, I recommend that you inform yourself on this website and come by for a free and non-binding trial training session.

Our dojo is centrally located in Hamburg-Altona and is easily accessible. You too can become a ninja in the Dojo Altona Ninjutsu and learn to protect yourself and your loved ones effectively. The team is looking forward to you.