Laboratory jobs

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In France as elsewhere, there are many jobs relating to laboratory analyzes and to biotechnologies. Depending on their specificities, these professions may have more or less direct links with industry. chemical, pharmaceutical, food or with the medical field.

From lab technician to lab technician

The laborantins and medical analysis technicians Where biomedical are responsible for carrying out different types exams and of Specimens prescribed by a doctor or one pharmacist. They then analyze them in order to highlight a anomaly and to confirm or deny a diagnostic, under the responsibility of a biologist or a head of laboratory. Only the latter is authorized to interpret the results of the analyzes. The laborantins work in hospitals, clinics or private medical analysis laboratories, but also in research institutes or transfusion centers. They must master the analysis tools and deliver a precise report of the results obtained.

Under the authority of an engineer, a researcher or a pharmacist, the chemical technician Where biochimist is qualified to perform experiences in the laboratory and perform assays. Here again, he must record all of his results with precision and can operate as well in a control laboratory that in a manufacturing lab, or one research Laboratory and development, even in a production workshop industrial. The peculiarities of his profession may lead him to exercise not only within the framework of industry chemical and pharmaceutical, but also in the food industry, cosmetics, metallurgy, automotive, aeronautics, etc. In the field of industry, a manufacturing control laboratory technician is there to carry out analyzes in order to assess the quality products in compliance with regulations and standards health and safety.

A profession of high responsibility

The laboratory managers, also called analysis managers, are responsible for distributing tasks within the teams while ensuring compliance with the requirements (deadlines, costs, etc.). They ensure the management and control of equipment, enforce health and safety measures and also deal with administrative matters. the laboratory manager must be distinguished from Quality Manager which ensures product traceability and quality, communicates about health and safety measures and writes operating procedures. The latter is assisted by a quality service coordinator.

Finally, the metrology technicians are not directly confronted with patients. Their mission is to ensure the proper functioning of the devices and machines used by carefully controlling their settings. They should also check the functional conformities of the working environment.

Laboratory work clothes

All these laboratory professionals are required to use high-precision equipment and must imperatively demonstrate rigor and thoroughness given the responsibilities that are theirs. They are also regularly exposed to chemical materials or products that may represent risks, such as contaminated samples. This is why they must put on the appropriate equipment and work clothes perfectly adapted, and have a good knowledge of the regulations applied in their specific field.

The laboratory technicians have in common the wearing of a work coat, generally blue or white. Brands like SNV Pro have specialized in this type of equipment and offer both models of white blouses with short sleeves and blue blouses with long sleeves with press studs. Depending on their area of ​​specialty, laboratory professionals may also be required to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) such as protective eyewear. There are all kinds of them: visors and UV protection glasses to EN 166 and EN 170 standards, X-Fit Pro glasses resistant to scratches and chemicals, or Lite Safety PW14 work glasses with anti- fog.

In terms of protective glovesNitrosafe gloves resistant to contact with chemicals such as methanol, sulfuric acid, nitric acid or ammonia are particularly recommended. Manufacturers such as Coverguard, Uvex Safety or Portwest offer new models ofsecurity accessories for industry or medicine.