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Carinthia is a brand Austrian renowned for its high performance equipment against the cold (sleeping bag, clothing) in the areas of Trek, from mountaineering, from military or the hunt and you bushcraft.

It has been pursuing a goal for decades which is the permanent development and innovative focused on performance of clothing and insulating equipment. The brand strives to produce products that respect quality standards higher and higher and manufactures at 100% in Europe. Their professionalism and their flexibility in the development of their ranges, make it possible to offer solutions offering more than comfort and of security to users. The products are developed and tested by professionals in real conditions.

The story of Carinthia

70 years old and from Seeboden in the region of Carinthia, the latter being the origin of its name, the Carinthia brand belongs to the group “Goldeck Textile Corporation“.

The brand was already innovative when it was created, the founder of the company Augustin Mayer already treated synthetic fibers in 1975 these offering better insulation characteristics than down. Following a research work, he created the fibre G-loft in 1981 part of the premium products of Carinthia which are exported all over the world and satisfy demanding customers in more than 70 pays.

The brand will provide sleeping bags for several armies including the Austrian army in 1982 and the swiss army in 1988. She will become a independent brand in 1994 and will sell more than 800,000 copies of sleeping bags “Defence 4” in 1996. This flagship product minimizes heat loss to the face while ensuring fast entry and exit for improved use.

In 1999, Carinthia fournit 70 000 Defense 4 sleeping bags with padded interior for indian army and develops a new sleeping bag for hot and humid environments: the model Tropics.

She will provide swedish army and german army in a sleeping bag during the year 2003.

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The G-Loft: innovative know-how

The Carinthia brand offers clothing and equipment for military sector and that of l’outdoor.

In order to meet more and more demanding demands, with the aim of satisfying ever more exposed professionals, the brand has become known thanks to its material offering unique insulation in synthetic fibers : the G-Loft. It is an insulator hot, lightweight and breathable even by extremely wet and cold weather. This material has a memory effect allowing fibers to automatically return to their original shape, while providing warmth even after repetitive washings and an intensive use.

Today, Carinthia is the world’s leading brand of military and outdoor equipment. A new factory opened its doors in 2017 to allow the manufacture of its fiber G-loft in Slovakia. This factory is solely dedicated to the production of this high-end synthetic fiber.

Carinthia always offers a large range from clothes and of sleeping bags from high quality and high performance. Always in search devolution, they create by their professionalism and their flexibility, production quality solutions for a comfort and increased safety.

The Goldeck group, always on the lookout for new innovations, has specialized in the field of bedding using modern manufacturing processes, as it has always known how to do.