Job description: Dog handler

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The main function of the dog handler is former and to educate dogs in order to make them efficient, because they are called upon to play a major role during many missions.

Following his training, the dog handler is in perfect match with they are animal. He is able to carry out surveillance missions public, from rescue to people, or security private.

He can work in the public sector as well as in the private sector.

The dog handler provides the animal with all the care necessary for its good health and good development, such as:

– Make his education

– Learn to Decrypt his reactions

Watch over on the animal

– His teach specific behaviors linked to its future field of intervention.

Outside the missions, the dog lives in the home of its master or in the kennel of the brigade or regiment to which the master and the dog are assigned.

The dog handler ensures the surveillance of businesses, shops, banks, industrial premises and carries out surveillance, particularly at night. It acts as a deterrent for thieves or potential criminals. The dog and the handler form a tight-knit tandem.

He must also master security techniques such as remote monitoring, electronic detection, etc.

Within the customs, the police or the gendarmerie, the dog handler must teach his animal:

– The tracking

– The detection

The attack

– The defense of a perimeter

The dog handler is also assigned to surveillance missions :

– The signals incidents

– The intervenes if needed

– The carried out patrols to prevent any attempted intrusion or damage

When the dog retires, the dog handler must entrust his teammate to an adoptive family and then must get used to a new companion.


To become a dog handler, you need to have a good rapport with the dog breed as a whole. The bond between man and animal must be perfect for the pair to work. The dog handler must be authoritarian and, all at the same time, benevolent in order to ensure the smooth running of the training. He must be patient, the dressage being sometimes complex and relatively long.

It is also necessary to have a good physical condition and an good endurance.

To participate in the training, a minimum level of 3rd class is necessary, so that a clean record and detention a category B driving license.

If your level is higher than this, you can claim additional specializations:

– Private security dog ​​handler title

– Title of dog security guard

– Title of safety agent driver of intervention dog

– Title of canine agent specializing in detection

With a Bac level:

– National avalanche dog handler certificate

– National patent of search and rescue dog handler, specialties lost people, in rubble.


Within the Forces of Order, the most frequent evolution is to become trainer, then regional monitor for police dog handlers.

In private security, it can become team leader or trainer Where specialize in dressage of dog Where animals for the advertising and cinema.

An army or police dog handler can follow avalanche and / or tracking specialization courses with Anena.


Monthly gross salary for a beginner: 1400 €

Gross salary for a dog handler working in a private company: € 1,500

The dog handler receives a premium, called a dog premium, intended to compensate for the costs incurred by the training and care provided to the dog.


The specialization changes, depending on the body in which the dog handler exercises:

Air Force : air parachutist dog handler, dog handler, air dog handler. You ensure the protection of the air force on the national territory as in theaters of external operations

Land Force : dog handler, dog handler. You ensure missions of protection of sensitive installations, combat support or search for explosives.

Gendarmerie : gendarme master dog. You ensure the search for missing persons, explosives, drugs, the interception of criminals or the protection of people and property.

Firefighter : cynotechnical driver. You ensure the location of victims in the rubble.

Police : policeman dog handler. You are responsible for drug research, the fight against delinquency, weapons and arrests.

Security dog ​​officer. You monitor companies or sites, whether public or private.

– Dog trainer avalanche. You provide search and rescue for victims after an avalanche.

In Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, the only avalanche dog handler to work with the Auvergne gendarmes is Remi Crepe and his Belgian Shepherd Malinois Odin. They belong to the Platoon of Murat mountain police. They train whatever the weather conditions and in all the Auvergne mountains.

the avalanche tracking and search are the specialty of this duo. Lhe training allows to overcome the apprehensions that the dog could have during a real intervention.