How to choose the right kitchen outfit?

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You are new to the catering industry ? You are a seasoned professional looking for additional advice? You just want clarification on the kitchen outfit in general ? We offer you this blog article in which we will discuss the different components of a complete outfit, the technological advances in this sector, while offering you a selection of products relevant to the practice of your profession.

Although customizable according to professional needs and personal preferences, the outfit is often defined in advance for convey the values ​​of a brand, share the identity of an establishment by respecting a well-defined theme or color code.

The different clothes

The headgear

As its name suggests, it serves to cover the head, and thus preserve thehygiene by preventing hair from getting into the dishes. It also adds a neat touch and will complement your outfit. You can opt for a chef’s hat which gives a very professional touch, but it is also possible to equip yourself with cooking caps.

The news

The jacket as the main role of you protect, be it burns, but also dirt. It plays a major role in terms of hygiene and comfort. For increased freedom of movement, some jackets have removable sleeves. Different subjects are offered in order to best meet everyone’s expectations. The combination of cotton and polyester is more and more frequent. Indeed, the polycoton combines the advantages of the two materials and allows to obtain lighter clothes, plus comfortable and more respirants.

The Robur brand has developed the 37.5 technology thought to regulate your body temperature. This technology, approved by athletes, provides better wicking away perspiration in order to achieve absolute comfort whatever the environment. During rushes in the kitchen, it will allow you to protect yourself from the ambient heat, but will also contribute to keep your body heat, when you have to go to a cold cell for example.

You can now find the Broto jacket presented previously in the video.


In addition to the additional protection it represents, the main function of the apron will be to complete your outfit in order to protect you as much as possible, but will also allow a better accessibility to your utensils. Indeed, some aprons are equipped with central pocket (s) which will allow you to have quick access to your equipment. Namely that several types of aprons exist. The short aprons, mainly intended for room service, long aprons which will be more suitable for kitchens and will only cover the lower part of your body. Finally, the bib aprons with a tie around the neck and a large protective surface will allow you to work in complete safety.

The brand Robur also offers aprons made of 37.5 technology such as the Songe available now.


It is important that the pants are well cut and without cuff. This must be comfortable to facilitate mobility as much as possible. To do this, the brand Molinel has developed pants with an integrated honeycomb belt that will ensure optimal well-being and support. These latest generation pants are anti-odor and anti-perspiration thanks to their breathable polycotton material. In order to be always more efficient, do not hesitate to consult the Flex’R pants.

The shoes

Safety shoes used must meet the standard EN ISO 20345 for maximum protection. They must be equipped with a non-slip surface, but also with a protective shell in order to face shocks. The brand’s Bonix shoe Robur presents these criteria that will meet your needs.

Protect yourself well

Safety is the key to working with confidence. We recommend that you have a complete outfit which will protect you from all possible individual risks. Opt for a good quality jacket, even if the amount is large, security is priceless.

Hygiene-compliant clothing

The purpose of kitchen clothing is also to prevent food contamination. Some stations are dirtier than others, in particular the diving, the maintenance of waste rooms, etc.

It is strongly recommended to acquire a breathable outfit, antibacterial and comfortable. The short-sleeved Benak jacket from the Robur brand, as seen in the previous video, is perfectly suited because it has the 37.5 technology. Indeed, this makes it an anti-odor, breathable, temperature-regulating jacket, all in polycotton and with a quick drying capacity.

Suitable fabrics

A suitable fabric will allow you a good performance at work. Most fabrics are specially designed for your comfort, your security and your hygiene.

The cotton absorbs moisture, is very insulating and thick. However, this material makes it a heavier garment and its drying speed is longer.

Polycotton is a blend of polyester and cotton. The strengths of this fabric are strength, flexibility and insulation. It is very durable, easy to care for and soft thanks to the cotton. It is one of the most used materials today, because it is a complete fabric on different aspects and which will give you maximum comfort. Polycotton is not a defined material, it can vary depending on the polyester / cotton ratio present in the garment.

Honeycomb is a fabric consisting of a wide mesh, which guarantees breathability, resistance as well as lightness. It is a very comfortable material that requires very little maintenance.

Le tencel, ecological material, is more focused on the absorption and evacuation of humidity. It is very pleasant to the skin, resistant and easy to maintain.

Some clothes have a stretch material, made of elastane. This adds more freedom to your movements and also extra stretch.

The price of the outfits

The price varies depending on the matter, from materials and desired details. If you are new to this area, it would be better not to go straight for the high end.

For some seasoned professionals a lot of premium quality clothes are available, these outfits will have an additional cost in production with more detailed details and this will impact the price.

For many equipment, customization is possible on request, an embroidery with the name of the restaurant, the name or the initials of the chef and many other solutions are available.