Items that attract thieves’ lust in your home

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Jewelry and values

As with magpies, thieves are attracted to what glitters. It is especially jewelry that has their preference. Why that ? This is because it is still very easy to resell these valuables. If they represent memories to you, they have only market value in the eyes of these unscrupulous people. Your jewelry can easily be found at second-hand jewelry dealers or in the markets. In the majority of cases, it is impossible to identify them. You find yourself dispossessed of your jewelry and risk seeing it one day on the neck or wrist of another.

Money is also highly prized by burglars, as are gold or blue bank cards and check books. This is what they are looking for in priority. If you’re lucky enough to own a chest, you know how to keep them from their greed. It is quite perilous to keep values ​​at home unless you really know where to hide them. Finding an infallible hiding place is not for everyone and thieves are keen to find the so-called most secure corners.

The latest equipment and papers

Hifi and High Tech equipment, as long as it is of good quality, is also an outlet of choice for intruders who enter your home. They do not hesitate to leave with the latest equipment, even if it can be cumbersome. You like the latest news, they are popular with many people and you risk seeing them disappear quickly.

What remains less stolen are identity papers and all that is official papers. Even though identity documents can attract thieves, they are still hard to sell. Either way, the inventory of everything that can be stolen from you remains impressive.

How to avoid it? You have the solution to entrust your property to remote monitoring. Many companies like the leading company of security-alarm-video-surveillance install fully efficient systems in your home. These make it possible to immediately report the presence of an intruder and trigger the arrival of the police. Your possessions, whatever their values, emotional or market, are safe.