Good reflexes to keep your home safe

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Secure the exterior of your home

Your exterior is the first point to be secured to prevent possible burglars from entering your property and therefore gaining access to your home.

Effectively fence off your property

Even though it is an integral part of the aesthetics of your home, it is essential to choose your fence according to its level of security. For example, prefer a high fence, more difficult to step over, making sure to comply with the regulations which provide for a maximum height of 3.20 m in towns with more than 50,000 inhabitants and 2.60 m in other towns located in urban areas. .

If you have a low fence and are unable to change it, it is also possible to make it impassable by choosing to set up a defensive hedge. Instead of traditional cedar trees, opt for impenetrable thorny shrubs such as hawthorns, holly or even pyracanthas.

Enlighten to deter

A burglar first seeks discretion. To complicate the task, install an outdoor lighting system with motion detector. Many wireless devices are available on the market for easy installation. Be careful, however, to take care to position these lights correctly to avoid the creation of shadow areas.

Store and lock up your tools

You don’t always think about securing your garden shed. However, this is an essential point to secure your home, especially if it is used for storing your tools. Ladder, stepladder, saw, hammer are all objects that could prove useful to a burglar trying to break into your home! Install a lock and remember to close your shelter after each use. Finally, remember not to leave your tools lying around in the garden …

Secure the openings

Entrance door and windows must be particularly secure, the slightest weakness constituting a potential entry point for an intruder.

Make your front door inviolable

At home and in an apartment, the security of your front door must be the object of your full attention. Bet on a lock with several fixing points and opt for a reinforced door, type armored door. This first access to your home will not suffer from any weakness and will quickly deter burglars.

Protect the access to the ground floor

The openings on the ground floor are particularly sensitive to break-ins. To eliminate this risk, opt for defensive grids, for example, many models being as decorative as they are impassable.

Here again, installing defensive plants is a good option to deter intruders from trying to force these accesses.

Install an alarm

The installation of a remote monitoring system is also to be studied. Deterrent label, motion detector, surveillance camera, sound alarm… the many devices offered by the various remote monitoring companies make it possible to guarantee the safety of your exterior as well as of all your openings.

Then opt for a known and recognized company, presenting real guarantees of seriousness security-alarm-video-surveillance. This leader in the remote monitoring market offers many formulas to adapt to all housing configurations and offers an exclusive partnership with Mondial Assistance guaranteeing, for example, temporary relocation or emergency repatriation in the event of a break-in.

Because, even by effectively securing all your openings, knowing that your home is monitored 24 hours a day remotely remains the best way to be serene in your absence!