How to defend yourself in the event of an assault on the street? | Karate and more

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For a long time, ordinary people, and especially women, fear being attacked, especially at night. That is why it is important to always keep in mind the type of tools that are available for self-defense and to feel safer in a situation of aggression. Learn how to act to defend yourself in the event of an assault on the street.

Alternatives to defend yourself on the street?

In a surprise attack, we must keep in mind what the alternatives are, from fleeing to using a tool that helps paralyze the attacker, even for a few seconds. Know the different options.

The best solution: the escape!

If you find yourself in front of an aggressor, whatever your condition or your physiognomy, the best strategy is still to flee. Not necessarily a very glorious technique, mainly for the male sex, but pride shouldn’t matter as much in this kind of situation!

If you have a bad encounter in a deserted place, try running to a slightly more frequented street or taking refuge in a bar that is still open so that your attacker stops following you.

However, there are many situations in which flight is not a viable option. Mainly when the person has motor problems, there is the presence of a child or an elderly person, etc. So how do you react?

Learn self defense techniques

Self-defense classes have been developing around the world for a few years now, and they have grown thanks to the impetus of women who want to feel more secure when they go out.

The goal of self-defense for women and the elderly, who are the most susceptible to street attacks, is that they can equip themselves with basic techniques. Here we mention some of them:

Place your arms slightly bent forward with your palms open to prepare for a possible attack and conserve space. Adopt a firm stance, looking the attacker directly in the eye. Respond from the second blocked shot, to have a chance to flee. Stick to the aggressor if he grabs you to limit his room for maneuver. Aim for the genitals, neck, or face, especially the eyes, nose, or ears. Move the assailant with your pelvis if you find yourself trapped on the ground.

Carry a defense weapon

If you do not have the motivation or the possibility to acquire self-defense gestures, we advise you in this case that you carry a legal or improvised defense weapon with you. There are different types, with different characteristics.

Defending yourself on the street: legal aspect

What happens if you unintentionally injure your attacker when you only wanted to defend yourself to escape? This is where the notion of self-defense comes into consideration!

As a reminder, the legal defense in almost all countries indicates that a person is not criminally responsible for the injuries that may be inflicted on an aggressor if this act responds to the need to defend himself or others, or if it is to interrupt a crime or a crime committed against a good.

However, it is essential that the response is proportionate to the seriousness of the breach and that it intervenes immediately. In other words, a person is not normally allowed to defend himself with a baton or stick if the attacker has bare hands. Nor should you return 5 minutes after you have fled, armed with a defensive spray if the person is no longer in danger. In this case, find out what the law of your jurisdiction says about personal defense on the street.