How to clean your handcuffs?

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The handcuffs are bracelets, usually metallic and connected by a chain in order to’shackle hands. They make it possible to partially or totally reduce the actions of the individual. In France, the use of handcuffs is mainly dedicated to the police only in cases of dangerousness of an individual against them, towards those around them or to prevent a risk of flight.

How to maintain these metal bracelets?

One good maintenance passes, initially, by their storage mode. It is strongly recommended to use a suitable case such as the handcuff holder of the brand GK Pro available on SELF DEFENSE TECHNIQUE. Although handcuffs are designed and manufactured to withstand impact, it is best to avoid any drops or hitting hard surfaces in order to ensure proper function. In addition, if your handcuffs are exposed to moisture, it is important to to dry, especially the interior locking mechanisms (you can use a hair dryer if necessary).

Regular maintenance is essential so that you can use them sustainably. To do this, it is best to follow the guidelines in the manual that comes with the handcuffs. In addition, we recommend theOtis 085 3 in 1 special oil, which will allow you cleaning, protection as well as lubrication. This oil mainly intended for the maintenance of the weapon is also suitable for the maintenance of your handcuffs. Your metal bracelets should be lubricated as needed depending on storage, frequency and environment of use.

Some additional tips

Each pair of handcuffs consists of two distinct parts, the single strand, removable, which engages with the ratchet in the double strand. The ratchet is actuated using the jagged strand while allowing the tightening to be adjusted. Once adapted, it is possible to activate a double locking using the tip on the keys by pressing on the double locking pin. This additional security makes it possible to prevent the bracelets from tightening more and thus to avoid the risk of lesions. To unlock the mechanism and open the handcuffs, the use of the flag key is required.

To properly maintain your handcuffs, we recommend that you lubricate important areas (indicated by a red arrow). We then recommend activating the single strand, locking the bracelet, activating the double locking and finally unlocking the handcuffs. Repeat this action on the second bracelet and do not hesitate to repeat the operation several times on each of them. To finish, remove any excess oil on handling surfaces with a cloth so that the devices are not slippery.

In addition, in this period of health crisis, please disinfect your handcuffs after use.