How to choose your mechanic / bodybuilder outfit?

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The role of the mechanic / bodybuilder:

To begin with, the bodybuilder / mechanic has for mission to carry out a diagnostic of the vehicle, in order to become familiar with the repairs to perform. Inasmuch as mechanic, he must ensure the correct functioning of the vehicle, whether at the level of the engine or electric. It may also be necessary to refurbish the exterior appearance of the vehicle, by carrying out a smoothing, a dent removal, a gliding, a straightening then a remodeling of the body.

The profession of bodybuilder and mechanic is very demanding in terms of posture, you can be standing, crouching, or even lying down depending on the part to be repaired or diagnosed. The workplace is often covered with product sliding, such as oil, fuel and the like. There are therefore risks of falls and slips. This is why it is essential to be equipped accordingly with shoes having the adequate standard as well as clothing that will allow you easy access to your tools while allowing you good freedom of movement.

Work clothes

A multitude of clothes were designed for the practice of this trade. We find coveralls, work jackets, pants, shoes, etc. You are free to choose the type of clothing in which you will be comfortable. Take into account your security as well as your comfort. This is why some equipment and clothes are indispensable :

  • The combination : it is strongly recommended to have a combination with many pockets so you can store your tools. It has the advantage of being in only one part, which limits friction and allows you to do your job minutely and serenely. We offer you the combination CHLORINE of the brand LMA who is very robust and comfortable to wear. For use as a bodybuilder you must wear a coverall disposable in order to avoid getting paint on your clothes. It is important to wear one to avoid all contaminations chemical. We offer you the SMS BIZTEX disposable coverall from Portwest.

  • The you know and the trousers : if you still prefer to wear a you know and one trousers, it will therefore be important to choose a matter solid and comfortable. We offer you work jackets as well as pants adapted to your morphology and your needs. For example, the Work PAnts from home U Power possesses many pockets to store your tools while being very suitable for all day wear.

  • The shoes : As specified previously, the workspace can be dangerous. From oil can be present on the ground and make it a surface slippery and therefore risky. Objects sharp can also be on the ground, which is why you absolutely must have shoes from security meeting standards EN ISO 20345. They are specially designed to meet these needs. The pair of shoes SAFETYBOY security from home Safety Jogger is quite suitable, thanks to its coating against oils and products chemical, to anti-perforation sole, as well as many other specificities.

  • The accessories are also essential for you protect. It is essential to wear EPI like :

  • The gloves : You must have a pair that meets the standards IN 420 (protective gloves), EN 388: 2016 – 3X43D (protection against mechanical risks), EN 407 – X2XXXX (protection against thermal risks). The pair of cut resistant gloves HR A611 from home Portwest is quite suitable for this job.

  • The eyeglasses : Wearing protective glasses is strongly recommended when you are required to to paint cars to avoid projections, as well as other risks that may put your eyes at risk. We have the Pheos glasses CX2 from home Uvex which are very robust, they also offer a protection complete and meet protection standards NF EN 166 and NF EN 170.

  • the masque : a masque from protection is very important when doing painting. The gases generated by the paint gun being very toxic.