Drones in private security

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The private security is now faced with new issues, it is therefore vital to reinvent and to innovate to register now in the future.

Fast, easy at operate, discreet and able to evolve programmed, the drones are just perfect for surveillance missions and of reconnaissance difficult to access or dangerous areas. The device is perfectly capable of making rounds in automatic mode while carrying a thermal camera, in order to detect any intrusion into a defined space.

The use of the drone in business

The drone makes it possible to identify individuals as well as possible, without exposing the guardian, allows the detection immediate one fire start and exempts the company from increasing the number of CCTV cameras on the same site. Its stabilized HD 360 ° drone camera, optical zoom, thermal camera and the precision of its on-board sensors allow professionals to intervene quickly and efficiently.

The aerial supervision is not intended to replace human intervention. On the contrary, the drone puts its performance at the service of the teams in charge of the safety of goods and people on the ground in their delivering information additional in real time to facilitate their decision-making. It complements the traditional, technical and human resources deployed.

Restriction on use

However, this technology has certain limitations. Their capacities todiscreet observation, acquisition and of transmission of mass data raise questions about respect for private life and individual freedoms.

The danger they represent for the populations in the event of loss of control or for air transport is not negligible. Any theft in built-up areas or near a gathering of people is prohibited except in the case of holding a prefectural authorization.

There are also prohibitions on flying over aerodromes and sensitive sites. Drones remain a very advanced technology, but with very regulated use.

The use of drones in the private security sector allows a protection of the company and the security guard in all situations. Even if drones are a real technological advance, which provide significant support to the security guard, these flying devices also have certain limits.