How to choose the right pocket knife?

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For all your outdoor trips, an accessory is obligatory. This will allow you to cook, make crafts and can also be useful when traveling in hostile areas. If you practice an activity related to the bivouac, it is essential: the knife.

How to choose it?

If you have frequent use of your knife, it will be preferable to favor a fixed blade. In order to carry it, you can bring a case to position on your belt, your backpack or even around your leg. If the use of your blade is less frequent, it is recommended to move towards a folding blades. Beware of poor quality folding blade knives, repeated use may result in mechanism problems at the opening and closing of your knife.

This is why we offer you a choice of knives, with fixed and folding blades that can perfectly suit your outdoor outings.

The black serrated gator folding knife from the Gerber brand

the Gerber brand black folding knife is equipped with a 420 H satin steel bladeC robust with a shape Clip Point. It is light and easy to use for lovers of the night out outdoor. To lame the 8 cm sufficiently long, will allow you to get out of any situation during your bivouac outings. This is partially toothed in order to cut more resistant materials.

About the handle, it has the patented handle Gator Grip which offers unparalleled comfort and ease of use. In addition, it is equipped with an automatic locking system and pump closure, located on the back of the handle. This keeps the blade locked in the open position and only requires a simple pressure to close the knife.

It is deploys easily to allow you a immediate use, thanks to its small size of 18.5 cm. It is associated with a sheath, equipped with a belt loop which will allow you to take it everywhere with you without causing discomfort.

Baladéo brand red rescue safety knife

the Baladéo red rescue safety knife is a folding knife with a blade in 420 stainless steel with a length of 8.5 cm. The blade is characteristic of the shape Drop Point. In comparison with the previous knife, the Drop point blade has a small drawback since it is less thin, so it will be less suitable for precision tasks than a Clip Point type blade.

The handle measures 12.5 cm, for an open length of 21 cm. This knife is equipped with essential tools such as a window breaker, but also a belt cutter. This knife is a reliable tool for all emergency situations.

This knife, also available in other colors (Noir and Drink), is equipped with a automatic locking system. This system is le Liner Lock and consists in blocking the base of the blade by the plate of the handle (framework of the knife serving as a support for the handle). This locking method results in a relatively thin knife. In order to open it, a simple gesture of pressure is enough to release the base of the blade.

The Bear Grylls paracord knife from the Gerber brand

the Gerber Bear Grylls paracord knife is a knife with a fixed blade, which is ideal for frequent use with a quick and easy sharpening. Its 8.1 cm Recurve blade is made from 56 HRC steel, which makes it a very durable knife. The advantage of this blade lies mainly in the fact that the knife has a “pulling” movement allowing better penetration and cutting power.

This knife which was designed in collaboration with Bear Grylls, specialist in survival situations, will allow you to face many situations since it has a dual function. It is a light and extremely strong knife which also features at its handle 1.2 m of paracord in instant access. It comes with its kydex case adaptable to your belt or your backpack and keep it handy. The belt clip can be used horizontally or vertically, swiveling right or left, up or down.