Carhartt: American know-how at the service of the worker

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Carhartt to its impose itself over the years like a unavoidable from workwear with its range of overalls « overall », jeans, overalls, jackets « Chore coat » and many others iconic clothes. The brand has acquired a unwavering reputation from resistant clothing, durables, able to face fire, cold, water and worst conditions. the « Carhartt Brown » ocher complexion and the blue worker are synonymous colors of the’spirit of the maker. This international recognition owes its origins to a ethics which is matched only by its requirement in shaping quality products for the worker.

Getting on track

It is at the age of 29 that the young Hamilton Carhartt found in 1882 his first furniture store. However, when he meets a railway engineer, he gets down to the task of creating a clothing who does justice to the toil of those who build railways when industrial Revolution. Wanting to offer workers comfortable and quality outfits, he develops overalls and work clothes in « cotton duck », tissue very resistant woven in tight canvas weave. 1889 : The Carhartt that we know is born in the city of Detroit.

Not only is he looking to properly dress rail workers with outfitsproof of their work, but Hamilton is also keen to place its interests of workers. “My business would be a failure without my employees. He is one of the pioneers advocating unionized work and proudly affixing the labels « union label », « Crafted with pride in USA », Where « Union-made in USA » on his clothes designed in the United States. One excellent craftsmanship one of the first slogans of which is « Honest value for an honest dollar ». The brand’s first logos fully reflect this esprit, with a train car placed in a heart, the « Car in heart » which sums up the wholeambition of its founder.

Expansion and depression

At early twentieth century, the company spans all the countries With l’factory opening in South Carolina, Georgia, Atlanta, Dallas or San Francisco. She reached Canada (Walkerville where she makes gloves there, Ontario, Vancouver, Montreal). Then she even crosses the Atlantic to open in Liverpool in England. When first World War, the company does not hesitate make its factories available to the US military in order to shape uniforms and to dress workers sent to the front lines. The expansion continues after the war with a factory for the first time in Paris. The brand will also once again make its heart speak with Carhartt Junior which aims to clothe young orphans conflict.

The 20s with the « cotton depression » (a drastic increase in the cost of cotton), the great depression of the 1930s, as well as the failure of a first launch in sportswear force the company to retract. She closes many premises, and refocuses on the brand’s native territory. Following the Hamilton died in 1937 in a car accident, the fils Wylie takes over the reins of the company which will never leave the Carhartt family.

An unshakeable image

Despite the economic challenges, the Carhartt name recognition and the quality of its products 100% and cotton duck help him bounce back from the second world war. The brand creates its first lined clothes with the contribution of society Troy Mills (historical seller of horse blankets in the mid-19th century).

In the 50’s and 60’s, the position of Carhartt reaffirms itself with the buyout of territories lost in the 30’s and theacquisition of renowned workwear companies (Crown Headlight in Ohio, Fink & Co. In Michigan). The 1968 lined jumpsuit becomes an essential working tool. L’expansion continue in the following years. In 1982, The company is launching its first nationwide marketing campaign, as well as its range Arctic Wear. Carhartt in addition to its traditional clothes offers a whole range of clothes against the cold.

A style beyond the boundaries of workwear

Workwear is gradually seeping into trends at the end of 80 years and early 90. Carhartt WIP (Work In Progress) is created. This label is inspired by work clothes and readjust them to a port plus casual. the streetwear will grab it to be worn by taggers, rappers, hip-hop singers and fans of extreme street sports. A demarcation takes place in the mark who will book his workwear in american country, and the everyday clothes to the rest of the world. On one side the line Extreme will allow to face the harshest conditions. On the other one collaboration with Vans will invade the skateboard world.

Today Carhartt keep this brand image of resistant and foolproof workwear. Since 2006, Carhart EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) reopens workwear internationally. She always offers a large range of clothes and of shoes to the exceptional quality. The brand also remains proud of his heritage and his ethics by participating, for example, in the reconstruction of his hometown of Detroit. In 2015, she there reopens one of its historic shops. For some outfits combining comfort, a extreme durability and one style inimitable, Carhartt definitely remains a essential for the modern worker.

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