How to choose the right defense spray with

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Anti-aggression aerosols are offered for your personal protection and safety.

With a spray distance of 2-3 meters, anti-aggression aerosols are used for their effectiveness and ease of use

It is advisable to stay at least 1 meter away from your attacker for optimal use.

Swelling and burning of the eyes and respiratory tract, irritation of the skin or even tearing are the effects most reported in the affected subject.

Which aerosol for which use?

The anti-aggression spray “pepper-foam” is the great novelty for 2016. Since the product is colored yellow / orange, the user has more facility to visualize the projections on the target subject, especially since the foam-pepper product flows very little when in contact with the skin. Guaranteed efficacy on humans, animals as well as alcoholic and / or drug addicts.

The colorless “gel-pepper” anti-aggression aerosol is particularly effective against humans and animals as well as on alcoholic and / or drug addicts. Just like the product “mousse-pepper”, this one has a directional spray which facilitates the projection directly on the targeted subject.

The anti-aggression aerosol “pepper gas” by its wider spread, is intended to cover larger surfaces; it is particularly recommended for evacuating a restless crowd. In addition, anti-aggression pepper sprays are particularly suitable for dogs who are very allergic to this natural agent.

The colorless “gel-CS” anti-aggression aerosol is very effective against humans but has no effect on animals or on alcoholics and / or drug addicts. CS, a very powerful chemical incapacitating agent, causes a temporary incapacity in the normal individual for about half an hour (the effect remains ephemeral, however).

The anti-aggression aerosol “gas-CS” just like the “pepper spray”, is to be chosen in case of doubt about your ability to aim correctly. It is suitable for indoor use against humans but not against animals or alcoholic and / or drugged subjects. Agent CS will immediately neutralize your attacker (s), regardless of their build or strength.

The 50 ml CS decontaminant neutralizes the effects of the CS agent on affected subjects, both in a room and in a vehicle.

Am I allowed to buy an aerosol?

Designed for professional use reserved for law enforcement, gendarmerie and private security, only anti-aggression aerosols with a maximum capacity of 100 ml are authorized for adults.