Gendarmerie: Pedestrian camera

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The pedestrian cameras are increasingly used by law enforcement agencies. Indeed, they make it possible to record the progress of an intervention and are intended to calm relations between the police and the population. These cameras also make it possible to observe certain infringements. They are mainly implemented within gendarmerie brigades and surveillance and intervention platoons including more “sensitive” urban areas.

As a rule, the recordings are triggered at the initiative of the police, in any public or private place. The people filmed cannot oppose it. Namely, since March 1, 2017, identity checks carried out in priority security zones by personnel carrying these devices have been systematically recorded.

Following the recording of these data, they are stored in secure spaces and their access is strictly limited to the framework of the procedures. All of these sounds and images are kept for a period of six months before being destroyed.

The VB400 camera in detail

The camera VB400 will be the new camera of the gendarmerie from July 2021. This is designed for protect agents and citizens while providing irrefutable proof of professional integrity. It offers a recording in high definition 1080p Big angle, which allows to have a totally immersive point of view. Its reinforced shell is resistant to rain, snow and dust to be effective in all situations.

From Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections are integrated, allowing the operation of the simultaneous activation system. When the team leader triggers his camera, those of his colleagues start filming at the same time. This system will make it possible to obtain different shots of an intervention. The VB400 Also has pre-record and post-record features that allow it to capture audio and video footage continuously, without the need to press the record button. These functions can be of real interest in order to transcribe an entire questioning while ensuring better protection of lone workers or personnel working in dangerous areas.

This camera has a capacity of 12 hours recording with a single charge. It is also compatible with the “Holster Aware” which is a connected system allowing to start a video capture as soon as the weapon leaves its holster. Currently the ministry did not wish to finance this accessory, but it could be associated with this camera in the coming years.

the interior ministry signed a contract to change shoddy cameras from law enforcement. This amounts to 15 million euros for an acquisition of 30,000 cameras. Motorola. This purchase was announced last September by the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin who wanted to generalize this equipment. This technology will also make it possible to fight against facies controls of which the police are sometimes accused.

Today, 10,400 cameras are fitted to police and gendarmes and are heavily criticized for their lack of autonomy. In general, a patrol lasts eight hours, while the load of the cameras of the Chinese brand, Hikvision, oscillate between two and four hours. The VB400, for its part, promises an autonomy of up to twelve hours, which logically explains this investment.