Airsoft: MilSim

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the MilSim, abbreviation of Military Simulation or military simulation, is a training form used by some police and military corps as preparation for future operations. It has its origin in ancient Greek civilizations at a time when children of the royal guard trained to imitate soldiers in a form of game they called Militum Simulatio.

The term MilSim is also used to perform the reproduction of war films or tactical exercises during jousting from paintball Where airsoft MilSim.

It is a practice which consists in reproduce a historical situation, military operations or fictitious installations. She uses techniques, from methods and separate protocols which allow players to learn new ways to practice airsoft. The MilSim requires that each operator plays in the proper functioning of the “roleplay” for a better immersion and a better unfolding of the scenario.

Consequently, all types of fictitious injuries, all actions or interactions must be simulated and played, in strict compliance with the conditions of engagement in order to guarantee the safety and enjoyment of the game for all.

The MilSim requires a lot of participants and requires time, from physical efforts and financiers to be set up.

In MilSim, the priority is to get as close as possible to the course of a real conflict: extraction of prisoners, base capture, transmission of secret codes, elimination of a group of enemies.

Games can be very long. As a rule, a game of airsoft does not exceed a few hours. This is far from being the case in MilSim where it is not uncommon to spend 12 to 24 hours, the rangers deep in the mud. These games can mobilize up to several dozen players, taking place over an entire weekend.


The reply must be adapted to the context of the game and the use of a replica of type GBBR (Gas Blowback Rifle) is preferable for a sensation realistic accrue thanks to the recoil system. It is also necessary to provide additional equipment such as spare chargers and batteries depending on the duration of your game.

The combat clothing must also be suitable to the context of the game. So it is worth taking equipment that can be used regardless of the situation you may face such as outfits and sacs MultiCam usable in many situations.

MilSim and Reenactment

the reenactment is a practice which consists in reconstructing the great historical battles. The participants push for realism in the smallest details, at the level of the outfits and the chosen replicas.

In this way of practicing airsoft as in MilSim, we see that the players seek to reproduce a certain reality. They are not in the game strictly speaking, but more in the reproduction.

In the MilSim, it’s simulation and not the identical reproduction which is important. The players put themselves in the shoes of their characters and execute their own strategies. They are also more free in terms of outfits.

In the Reenactment, it is about perfectly reconstructing a battle. The players do not develop their strategy. They will relive part of the story.