Fire safety officer: what is his role?

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The post of fire safety officer is very important because even if his time is mainly devoted to prevention, he must also ensure that the fire safety regulations is well respected within the building for which he is responsible. A fire safety team is mandatory in establishments that can accommodate more than 1500 people.

Responsible missions!

These heavily frequented places carry a continuous risk of fires. The regulations are very strict and the security guard’s mission is to control installations such as fire extinguishers, alarms and fire doors for example.

He must anticipate the slightest problem, to ensure that an evacuation can proceed as planned in any situation, for example. For this it checks that the emergency exits are clear and all signs are clearly visible.

It may also have a trainer role in some establishments. Staff do not always have the knowledge of fire safety. Thanks to this training, the risks associated with fires are reduced even further …

Finally, since zero risk does not exist, it is the first actor during an intervention. It is he who will be responsible forevacuate the public from the establishment, to go to the fire scene if conditions allow, toalert and guide the emergency services but also of assist people.

Equipment adapted to the situation!

The outfit of a fire safety officer is easily recognizable. You have surely already seen these agents dressed innavy blue pants with a reflective band on the shins as well asa red top with a marine stripe. This outfit was chosen for different reasons:

The visibility

Indeed, it is complicated to miss a fire safety officer in red color and reflective strips oblige! In an emergency, any individual must be able to recognize a fire safety officer, so that the general public can follow the directions of the right people.


The job of fire safety officer is not easy. It is very often in motion, which requires a optimal comfort at the level of the outfit. In addition, he may be required to make rounds and trips outside. The temperatures can be very low in certain seasons, it must have the possibility to adapt your outfit. He can wear a simple T-shirt, a sweatshirt, a fleece and even a parka.


The fire safety officer is exposed to risks during interventions. It must therefore also provide equipment that will protect him. Safety shoes are obviously essential. Exposure to fires can happen, which is why clothing in Kermel and Viscose is important. These fabrics do not burn and retain their mechanical properties. You can find this type of product on the online store www.SELF DEFENSE TECHNIQUE.