Defense stick legislation

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the stick defense telescopic Where baton telescopic is a weapon mainly used by police services in a large number of countries. It’s a non-lethal weapon, designed so that the target is not killed or seriously injured.

It is usually made of metal and composed in three segments, the two end segments deploy and I know retractsnt in the third segment which is the handle. The end of the stick is often made of a small steel ball in order to increase the striking force. Once retracted, the stick measures about twenty centimeters and can be easily concealed.

In a defense situation, the baton proves to be unparalleled in efficiency. She allows to work abroad, in the goal of avoiding beatings and direct contact with an attacker. When contact is necessary, it can be used to immobilize an individual using different grips. It is also a powerful defense against animals.

It exists two types of expandable batons, a version in hardened steel and a version in unhardened steel. The hardened version is of higher quality and is intended for professional use.


the telescopic baton unfolds with a quick gesture of the forearm and wrist. Once opened, it remains blocked in this position in order to be able to ensure the protection of its holder in the face of danger. The Telescopic baton is particularly effective in the face of an attacker with a bladed weapon.

Its steel composition, so that a single blow can be enough to neutralize the most determined of agresellers. It is not necessary to adjust your strike to a particular location. Little-imported the point of impact of the stick, the pain is immediate and very important.

Another advantage of the telescopic baton is that it has no sense of use unlike a knife for example. It has neither edge nor backhand. It’s a detail that has its importance, car the blow is effective regardless of the angle of strike.

Finally, the telescopic baton remains effective even if the person using it is panicked in its movements. This is not the case with the majority of bladed weapons that require great mastery, a cold blood during use and direct contact with the abuser.

Legislation in France

the telescopic defense baton (BTD) is mainly used by the National Gendarmerie, the local police, the National Police, the customs, security companies and theadministration penitentiary.

Since the decree of June 26, 2013 (n ° 2013-550), the law authorizes its use in the municipal police. Use is also autolaughede by the law enforcement SNCF and RATP since November 24, 2002 (decree n°2000-1135).

Regarding the legal aspect, the telescopic baton is classified in France in the sixth category, just like knives. His acquisition is free to adults, most its wearing is prohibited, unless there is a legitimate reason.

The Expandable Baton and the Expandable Baton are suitable for the police (hardened version), security companies, guards or to prevent any type of stabbing attack in particular.

In France, the possession of a telescopic baton is only authorized at the owner’s home. Moreover, it is prohibited to carry or transport a category D weapon without a legitimate reason. You must be able to provide a valid reason in the event of a security check. The goingthe reliability of this reason will be determined by the police taking into account the place, the circumstances and the context.

It is not a legitimate reason to claim that the weapon makes it possible to better cope with an altercation or a danger. In case of non-respect of the regulations on the carrying and transport of weapons, the following sanctionsthey apply :

  • Weapons bought and held freely: offense committed by a single person: € 15,000 fine and one year’s imprisonment.

  • Weapons bought and held freely: offense committed by at least two people: € 30,000 and two years’ imprisonment.

  • Weapons and launchers whose projectile is propelled in a non-pyrotechnic manner with a muzzle energy of between 2 and 20 joules (paintball launcher, air rifle, etc.): 750 € fine.