Airsoft: What is CQB training?

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the CQB Close Quarters Battle is a technique battle that takes place in a short distance zone which requires the use of suitable replicas with rapid security strategies. Speed ​​as well as teamwork are major aspects of this practice.

The CQB is initially a training intended to prepare the military and the armed forces to intervene in buildings, houses and other situations at close range. It is part of the training of the GIGN, SWAT, FBI and many other units called upon to apprehend dangerous individuals or to recover hostages in enemy territory.

One of the important points is to synchronize actions : if you make a quick entry into a room or a house, intervening through two different entrances when you are in a team adds an effect of surprise and therefore makes it easier to neutralize your opponent. A progression in supported aim mode in the small corridors is favored to optimize your progress as a team while making sure to keep a maximum of reflexes if an enemy presents himself.

What replicas to use for a CQB?

In order to be the most efficient during a CQB, here are in detail the replicas to be favored or not during this practice:

  • The use of the sniper is not suitable during CQB. This is why it is essential to favor a replica model more compact who will be adapted to the situation.
  • Airsoft gun type replicas are great in a CQB situation, but the best aftershocks for this type of situation are of course type replicas. SMG or Submachine gun like the MP5, the P90 or the PP-19 Bizon.
  • The short assault rifle type replicas are also usable in CQB situations like the famous HK G36 C, the Famas where the Tar 21 which has a short barrel ideal for the CQB.
  • Shotguns are also very powerful as long as you do not choose a model that is too long. the Kaltec KSG, the type M500 court where the Mad Max will be perfect for this practice.
  • Grenades are also a powerful asset in CQB situations. They offer rapid control in certain situations such as taking a room or a staircase, while allowing to evolve without being targeted.

How to gain the advantage during a CQB?

The communication between team members is a central element. This type of game will also make it possible to create a better cohesion between the players who will have to progress in unity. The development of new tactics and strategies as well as group cohesion bring a situation of addictive realism to the game and strengthen teamwork.

CQB increases your reflexes and your choices with repeated group actions.

In this video, we can see an Airsoft team advancing through a building in CQB with a fast approach, securing an area using mostly pistol-type aftershocks for close range and assault rifles for the hallways. Teamwork is essential for quick and efficient zone capture.